Tumlingtar-Num-Chepuwa-Topke Gola-Taplejung

In 1999 I joined a student program from San Francisco State University for a month-long trek in eastern Nepal. Our hike began in Hile, north up the Arun Kosi as far as Thudam (just kilometers from the Tibet border) and then east to the Newa Kola river valley via Topke Gola and down to Basantapur. Sadly, the first 11 days of our hike from Hile to Num has now been roaded to build dams on the magnificent Arun Kosi. However, my wife and I are coming to Nepal in August-October and I am hoping to recreate my 1999 experience as best I can.

I am putting this out to the list in the hopes that fellow travelers and guides who are interested in a unique off-the-beaten path trek may want to join in. Instead of 30 days hiking as I did in 1999, I am hoping to fly into Tumlingtar and complete the Tumlingtar-Num-Chepuwa-Topke Gola-Taplejung trek in about 2 weeks.

When I did this before, it required guides, porters, and all sleeping was done in tents. I don’t know if that’s still the best option, but I’ve put US$50/day as a rough budget.

Lastly, we are solid hikers and in the States can average about 3miles per hour with full backpacks. HOWEVER, we are also birders and nature lovers so are apt to want to take lots of stops to look at things through binoculars.



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