Tukuche, Larjung, Lete, Tatopani

I am planning to take a bus/jeep from Pokhara toward Jomsom as far as Tukuche and then spend 4 days exploring the villages via trails off the road as much as possible, back to Tatopani. Then either take a bus back to Pokhara or continue for a few more days climbing up to Phalate and going to Ghandrung and then taking a bus to Pokhara from the nearest road, Kimche. Not keen to see Ghorepani again – have done 3 treks through there over 30 years ago. Would like to trek with someone other than just a guide at a relaxed pace so I can manage carrying my own light pack.



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  1. The places I’d like to see include the Tukuche distillery, the Bon monastery in Naurikot, Titi lake, Konjo and possibly the viewpoint called Dhulu Danda. These are sights that longer distance trekkers wouldn’t normally detour to see. I have until Nov 30 in total. Not sure if this section should have been included above!