Tsum Valley Trek

I am a 23 year old American travelling to Nepal the 1st of November planning on trekking Manaslu and Tsum valley. I am a solo backpacker and am looking for some friends to trek with to share costs and get permits. I plan on just getting a guide and organizing accommodation and food along the way, I’m travelling on a budget and happy to rough it when necessary. My dates and and times are super flexible but I was planning on a 21 day trek. I have included this link with information and itinerary because it is similar to my plan and Howard lays it out much better than I could do. https://www.fedup.com.au/information/nepal/manaslu-tsum-valley-track-notes I have plenty of experience backpacking and hiking in the Pacific Northwest but my only experience with altitude was climbing Kilimanjaro this past August via the Umbwe route and Western Breach. Right now I am travelling with all of my camping gear, so I have the potential to camp in the Tsum valley. Please contact me and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thank you so much!



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  1. Hi, I’m Nicolas 64 yo trekker
    I have allready done the Manaslu Trek (2 y ago) but not the Tsum one
    And I want to go there : way and back only.
    Could we arrange something ?

  2. Hi Griffin,
    I see you’re planning on doing the same trip as I do, just a week earlier. At least if you’re planning on doing the combined Manaslu/Tsum as well, which perfectly fits within 3 weeks.
    Check out my post if you like, to see how it looks to you (I won’t be having a tent so will stay in tea houses). Already got contact with an organization that can provide a guide and arrange the special permits.
    Let me know in case you’re interested in postponing your trip one week.
    Kind regards, Jeanne

  3. Hello Jenne and Griffin, Namaste!I have read all the plan above and since we need minimum 2 people for Manaslu Tsum valley, I do have a guy from UK looking for Manaslu tsum valley within 17/18 days. He is arriving on 4th Nov and willing to trek 5/6. Is there any chances you guys can join? He is 33 years old fit guy. If you are interested please feel free hit me as early as possible. Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.Raj

    • Hello Raj,
      Thank you for your message!
      Unfortunately, the dates are fixed, and changing them is not possible. In case you´re able to join for the dates posted, let me know.

  4. Dear all,

    I am flying into Kathmandu on 3rd November and hoping to join other people on Manaslu Circuit including Tsum Valley. I am American/British, 48 years old, teacher in Rome. Hiking experience in Italy, Morocco, Jordan, Ladakh. I only need time to organise permits.

    Best, Paul