Tsum Valley, Manaslu, Mustang… One or two of these.


I’m travelling alone to Nepal for around 6weeks. Will be there on March 4th. I’m planning trekking at Tsum Valley, Manaslu or Mustang. Anyone else heading there during March? I don’t have a fixed plan yet… Just finding out if there would be someone to plan with. 

I’m not a fan of crowded paths so that’s why these treks but I’m ready for other treks and times. I haven’t booked anything yet except triathlon on March 29th… 



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  1. Hi,

    I’m arriving on the 8th March and looking to walk the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley. My original hiking buddy dropped out so I’m looking for someone to share a guide & permit with.

  2. Hi Doug!

    Good to hear from someone else heading there!
    I got a suggestion for Ruby Valley Trek (Nepalhiddentreks.com) which is a Langtang area but should be one of the latest opened treks and remained “original”. The suggested trip would start on March 25th and end 5th April. I might ask from another organizer for earlier departures or take that one. I don’t know the price for that yet.

  3. Well after googling stuff Tsum&manaslu would be great! Starting maybe on 10th?

  4. Hi Marja,

    Manaslu & Tsum sound amazing don’t they, I’m flying into Kathmandu on the 8th March, did you want to meet that afternoon and organise plans? Starting on the 10th sounds good too, the only issue might be getting the permit organised because it’s a weekend.

    There are teahouses all the way along the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley so that makes things super easy to organise, you just need the guide and at least 2 people for the permit and you’re set to go.

    Are you already in Nepal or flying in soon?


  5. Hi Doug! Im so sorry but I found it too too expensive to take a guide and there are so many things i like to do here. So Im sorry but I hope you find a trekking friend in kathmandu! In thamel there are many trekkers you could meet and taje along!