Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit

Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit trek, 21 days and staying in lodges, not camping. We now have 6 and probably seven trekkers and it’s probably too late to include any more as we have to get the permits now and after that you can’t add any extras. Sorry!



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  1. Hi,
    How fix is your starting date? Because of the holidays it might be better to start a few days later.
    I can’t do the whole manaslu circuit but would like to join for the tsum valley part.
    As I already did the manaslu I might can help with a little planning of the trek.
    If you’re in kathmandu or pokhara maybe we could meet up and talk about it.

    Cheers marvin

    • Hi Marvin

      I think you are in touch with Anna who is also in Kathmandu already, and it looks like we will start our trek on 6th Oct, like you say. We don’t know yet what guide we will book, and how it is possible for you to join just for the Tsum Valley part of the trek. We should plan quickly now and fix our guide. I will be in touch again soon when I have contacted Anna again.

  2. Hi Richard,
    That’s right. Anna and I met last night and talked because she can’t be online for a while.

    I’ve got a good friend who has an agency and can organize and provide everything we want or need. I talked to him today and he said that starting at the 6th is enough time after the holidays to get the permits.

    Are you already in Nepal? Then we could have good chia and talk. Otherwise we could write emails and make a plan when we will do what.

    Either way, I’ll be checking in frequently and try to help where I can.
    Basically Anna, you and maybe one, two more people (then the costs could be shared) are doing the whole trek and I tag along for the tsum valley part.
    The costs for that part I would share of course.

    If u have any questions just let me know. I’m in contact with my friend and got some time to organize and ask around.

    • Hi Marvin!

      Good to hear from you.

      I have shared all these ideas with Ania, and she told me about you.
      I will arrive in Nepal from UK on 28th September in the evening.

      I have sent an email to your friends at the Beyond the Limits agency asking them to send me details of the Tsum Valley Manaslu Circuit Lodge trek they can give us. I want to know what the deal is. How much is the cost per day per person? I think we will be three trekkers but maybe more will join us. I know that you will do only the Tsum Valley and then leave us to go back while we do the full Manaslu circuit.

      Can you give me all the details you have from your friend in Beyond the Limits? What is his name? Is he the boss? If he is offering a price per day per person (something like 25 US$?) what does this include? Does it include all the meals food and lodging? Guide’s insurance? How much would a porter cost me per day? (You and Ania may not want a porter but I do).

      Will we be able to leave on 6 Oct? Ania does not return from her Vipassana meditation till 1st Oct when the holiday comes. Can we give your friend the papers and documents for our permits on 4th Oct so he can get the permits we need on 5th, or maybe 6th?

      Sorry about all these questions!! I just want to book the trek as soon as possible, and I have some other trekking agencies who are offering very good prices. They are waiting to hear from me. They want me to book with them, but of course I won’t do that if you and Ania are not wanting to go with them. I think you are definitely committed to going with your friends at Beyond the Limits.

      Best wishes!


    • Hi Marvin!
      Sorry, I see that you have already given me some of the answers I wanted about what your friend’s agency can offer us! It would be really useful though to know the itinerary – the names of the places where would stop for the night. And of course the costs!
      By the way my email address is (email omitted; please share via private message for privacy).
      it would be easier for you to use that!
      Thanks again!

  3. Hi Richard,

    I am a solo trekker (23 y/o) hoping to join a group. I have read the thread and have an idea of where you guys are at. I would love to do the full hike with you and the departing dat would also be perfect for me. I’ve been in KTM since early Sept.

    Can you private message me your email and I’ll correspond with you that way to catch up on everything i.e. prices, etc…

    hope to hear from you soon



    • Hey tom.
      I just send uan email.

      The most details has to Richard, so i think he will bring you upmto date.

      I can try to make a list with things to pack if that helps.

  4. Hey are you guys still looking for more people to join your group? I land in Kathmandu the morning of October 3rd and would be down to do a trek like this, but would like to know more information like pricing, where we’d leave from, what kind of pace we’d be hiking, etc.

    • Dear Rochelle

      How great to hear from you. I have been putting the ‘nuts and bolts’ of this trek together, and I will arrive in Kathmandu on Sunday morning (29th Sept). We currently have three of us on the trek, and possibly four (me from UK, Tom from US, Marvin from Germany and possibly Ania (from Poland)). It is a lodge trek (not camping) and it will take 22 days from Oct 6th to get round the Manaslu Circuit with the addition of exploring the exciting and remote Tsum Valley for 7 days. The cost per person is US$500, and with you joining we might be able to negotiate a discount with the guide/trekking company. You would be most welcome to join us. It would great to have you.

      This is a restricted area so 4 permits are needed! The cost of these is included in the price, and so is the insurance of the guide/porter, tax and any bus/jeep transport. This explains the price of $500 per person. It is a very good price indeed with an extremely reliable and properly experienced agency.

      Do you think you might want/need a porter? I am wondering if I would have one (US$16 per day) but Tom, Marvin and Ania are not needing a porter. Perhaps we could share a porter and divide the cost? (He is not allowed to carry more than 25 kilos. I will have about 10 kilos in my main bag).

      Let me know what you think about this as soon as possible. As I said, we would love to have you with us.
      We could all meet on 3rd Oct when you arrive and see if we all get on!!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Rochelle!
      If you would find it easier you can contact me directly by email. (Moderator has omitted email for member privacy – please share emails via private message.)

      Best wishes!

  5. hi, i would like to join this group! is the departure date still the 6th? i am in KTM now, so i can also start tomorrow or the day after.

    • Sorry, Peter, but we have our full number of trekkers now and our agent has to go ahead and get the permits. Sorry! We will leave on the 7th. If you want to meet and talk about things do email me.

  6. Hey, I fly in on the 6th in the afternoon and would love to join you. I have done several other treks in nepal. I would like to continue on with annapurna to upper mustang as well. Any chance I can squeeze in? Permits? Chris