Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit

I’m looking for a partner to share the experience and costs of a trek around the Manaslu circuit with an extended excursion into the Tsum Valley. The trip will start on October 27 and end on November 20 in Kathmandu (25 days total).

I have secured an experienced guide (registered and insured) who is native to the Tsum Valley and is familiar with the areas and people in both Tsum and around Manaslu. The guide speaks excellent English as well as being fluent in Tibetan and Nepalese. I will also be hiring a porter to share with a trekking partner.

This will be my first time to Nepal and am open to trip suggestions and will happily accept the inevitable changes brought on by nature and humanity.

Please contact me if interested in sharing this trip.



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  1. Hi.I am interested.That’s great that you are in contact with a guide from Tsum Valley.Make sure he can get the special permits for the Manaslu region.The area suffered greatly from the earthquakes last year so that is one reason I would like to return there and at least support the area with some money.I also like visiting the gompas.Check out Gumba Lungdang in Tsum Valley.I have been looking at a book that I got last year in Nepal that has many photos and some text-Trekking in the Manaslu Region and Tsum Valley by LopsangChhiring Lama.You can get it on Amazon.I am 65 so that might be a drawback for you.I would use a porter which the guide from Tsum could probably arrange.That could work out well because while you are meditating I can be out on the trail with the porter.The first time I was on that trek,one of the porters would go ahead and get rooms for our group of 3 trekkers.Having a guide from Tsum may make it possible to stay in homes instead of tea houses if need be.Anyway,I went to Tsum and Manaslu in the fall of 2012.In the spring of 2014 I went alone with a porter on a trek that started in Hallesi which is a group of sacred caves where Guru Rinpoche is believed to have attained what is called the rainbow enlightenment.Last year I was out trekking alone with a porter in the Dhorpatan region when the earthquake happened.A few weeks after the quakes,I went on the Annapurna Base Camp trek .I live in Santa Cruz,CA..Please get in touch so I can plan one way or the other.You can find partners when you get there,but from what I have seen there are not so many people interested in Buddhism as I would have hoped for. take care,tom

    • Hi Tom-

      I sent you a private message a couple of days ago. Did you receive it?


  2. Hi,yes I responded 2 days ago and again this evening via 2 formats. tom

  3. 22.08.2016
    Hi Bill
    Your description of the trek fits well to my expectation and I think we have some analogies.
    I’m a 52 years old experienced trekker and like to do special side trips to nice view point spending time for impressive photos. Also I have made a itinerary of the maybe perfect trip. It should be a guidance not a must and is clear for me that there is a lot of flexibility needed depends on whether, healthy and mood, every day.
    If you are interested, we can change our itinerary and check how they fit.
    Best regards from Germany

  4. Hi Rob,

    I’m looking to do the same trek, Manaslu & Tzum valley. I planned to do it with a friend, that currently cannot commit. I need at least one more partner to get on this trek.

    I was looking to make arrangments via Nepal Mother House Treks as they are originated from that regions, and based on reviews, information, it feels that they are a solid and reliable choice.
    I’m living in LA (software engineer, with an approved vacation. active, in a good shape, run, gym, first time to Nepal, dreaming to get on that trek for last 15 years)

    My plan is to leave here Los Angeles on October 21/22 and be back by November 22 (most likely gives me October 25 – November 18 for trekking).

    Let me know If you have an interest to partner and your plans are in line with mine.


  5. Hi All,

    I’m also planning to do the Manaslu/Tsum valley trek around this time. I’ll be in Nepal for 3 months arriving on the 18th Oct so time isn’t an issue.

    I’ve been to Nepal twice, trekked EBCx2 (from Jiri) & Annapurana full circuit inc Base camp. Looking for a new adventure. I’m 39, reasonably fit – not looking for a porter as I like carrying my own gear, so just the necessary guide for these regions.

    Not sure if you guys are aware, but the Manaslu Mountain Trail 2016 starts from Tue, Nov 8th (Stage 1 – Sotikhola) until Wed, Nov 16th (Stage 7 – Dharapani). I’m hopefully looking to avoid this as accommodation will be hard to find.


    Let me know if anyone is interested – dates flexible.


    • Hi Huy-

      I’m still looking for a partner, however, I would prefer to share a porter as I like to travel light. If you would consider splitting this cost we should talk more.

      I’m aware of the race and my itinerary has us in the Tsum Valley during the race.

      -Thanks, Bill

  6. Hi Bill,

    I am also interested in this trip. I have experience doing long distance hiking, though this will be my first time in Nepal. My dates are very flexible, and I’m happy to share a porter with you.

    I also meditate (I believe you mentioned this elsewhere) and am keen to visit the monasteries along the way, along with taking some time out to enjoy the scenery.

  7. Hi Bill, sorry about the late reply – email notification got stuck in Junk Mail filter.

    If you’re still keen the dates look good – I’m arriving on the 18th Oct, but will probably do a week or so trekking the Langtang Valley to freshen up the legs.

    Like I said, I’m partial to carrying my own gear (mostly because next year I’m hoping to through-hike the Appalachian Trail, 5-6months!!!). If we can get anyone else along to share a porter with you, that’ll be great – there’s also another thread with others looking to join a group about the same time.


    Do you have a rough itinerary. I found some good trek notes below – its fairly conservative with some days only 3-4hrs trekking. I don’t mind having short days/0-days, good chance to catch up on laundry & relax.


    Also, I’ll probably only “need” the guide until Dharapani (ie. where the Manaslu Conservation Area ends). After that, you no longer required to have a guide & here the road forks off to either do the Annapura circiuit or go onto Besisahar then back to Kathmandu/Pokhara.

    Its impossible to get lost after Dharapani. I’m tempted to add a few more weeks do the full Annapurna circuit (as you have to get the Annapurna Conservation pass anyway).



    Let me know what you think.

    • Hi Huy-

      I have two partners now and am not looking for others. Best of luck in finding partners. Maybe I will see you on the trail.