EBC Base Camp Trek

hello everyone,
I ll be in Kathmandu at the 5th of november with the idea to make a trip up to the EBC passing through Jiri and Lukla moving with bus and not by plane cause I want to see more of the culture of this country…I would like to have a guide if there is someone that want to share guide time and track is welcome to contact me and we can figure out something!!! have a good trip everybody



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  1. Hi Valentina

    I’m looking to do the same thing at the same time. Would you consider not going with a guide?

  2. Valentina, have you also thought of going into the Mustang kingdom? You need at least 2 people for the permission and I am looking for a companion. Hugs, Yussi

  3. hi aussie89 yes I can consider to not go with the guide but many people told me to just go there and then check cause very expensive from here!

    mobileman yes I did think about the mustang area but at the moment I am focus on the ebc.

    anyone of you will be in Kathmandu around the 5th nov? if yes we can meet and figure out something

  4. Hey Valentina..
    I’m planning a slightly early trip..
    Around the 25th of October.. Essentially a two week trekking trip.. My dates are flexible.. How do these dates work for you? I’m traveling solo.

    Background: Indian, 20 years of age. Fun-loving.
    Biochemistry undergraduate student. Please let me know if it’s possible.

    Atman Dhruva.

  5. hey hi Atman! my arrive date is not flexible! i will be in Kathmandu at the 5th of november!

  6. Hi Valentina, are you planning on trekking out via Jiri too? or will you Fly out from Lukla after the trek?

  7. hi aussie89,
    i have a open plan so I can modify my trip cause no time pressure! I think that would be nice trekking out via jiri!

  8. Hi Valentia I m also planning to trek on that via looking for a good partner for trek. we can have a bus acess upto Bamti but it will be nice if we trek from Jiri or from shivalaya. As I m from nepal you dont need to hire guide I can help you whole over the tour but if you think you cannot gearup with your logistic than you can hire porter if you are interested for company write me sagarsta@hotmail.com