Trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Be my companion?

Hello Everyone,
I am a 23/f/Washington state resident embarking on a solo trek through the Annapurna Circuit. I am doing the trek the traditional counterclockwise way and have set aside nineteen days to complete it. This should allow extra time for side hikes, acclimatization, etc if need be. I will arrive in KTM December 8th, and depart KTM December 31st in the late evening. I am looking for someone to do all or some of the trek with. I am very easy going, open-minded, and sociable. I don’t have very rigid expectations of my trekking partner other than that they are like-minded and happy to be on an adventure! If you or anyone you know is interested in this trek please be in touch with me at

United States


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  1. hello,m kenneth from mumbai.going to pokhara on 13th of december.will reach by 14th.interested in annapurna Circuit.hope we can plan it together.let me know if we can.
    my email

  2. Hi Krystal,
    I’m from Arlington, Virginia, and travelling to Nepal this November 15-end of December. I am doing the EBC trek from Nov. 17-Dec. 1, and would be up for meeting you to do the Annapurna Circuit after. I’m open to going without guide/porters, or sharing a porter, if we want. I leave the night of Nov. 15 for KTM, so let me know if you’d like to try to plan together.

  3. Hi,

    I am in Pokhara and i am planing to do the Annapurna c, but there is a strike so no buses to Besi sahar… I am thinking of doing the ABC from Pedhi. U can drive there with a taxi for 10$. If u wanna join please contact me…


  4. Hello Krys, I am in Rishikesh, India now and am interested in doing a trek on the Annapurna circuit. I am a 45 year old female from Key West, FL USA. I would be interested in joining you for at least part of the trip. I am carrying some extra weight and would need to take it easier than you, but if I begin to slow you down, we could part ways, no problem. I have been in India since October 3rd and just recently considered this trip and have not really done much research. I would like to keep expenses below 1800 nrs per day (about $30 USD). If you (or anyone else) are interested, please contact me at

  5. I am also looking to go Annapurna base camp after 7 december, My name is Santosh , 25 years old . My dates are flexible . I am student Of tourism at Kathmandu ,Nepal. As i am student of tourism i am intrested to do Annapurna trekking to enjoy with mountains. looking for the companion.

  6. Hi Krystal,
    I’m arriving in Kathmandu tomorrow as well (around 4pm) and want to do about te same trek. I have around 12/13 days so a little shorter, but my plan is to do at least a part of the Annapurna Circuit. I’ll send you a message trough facebook so maybe we can catch up tomorrow!