Trekking , photography and mineral collecting

Trekking, photography & Mineral collecting

Travel Starts from Kathmandu ,Nepal ,staying 02 days in my home town Surkhet . 07 days in jajarkot villages to meet friendly locale people to collect dravite , kyanite digged by locale people . we can also dig if interested then proceed to Jumla , ascending Jaljala mountain the highest ridge of this area .Staying 02 days in Jumla valley , 02 days in Rara lake one of the highest lake in the world .02 days in Darma village one of the potential area for mineral like garnet and kyanite .30 days in Humla district ( including limi valley ) That is 45 total days of trekking through some of the most isolated and strikingly beautiful landscapes in the world.The trek including at least 5/6 passes over 4500 metre.
My prospective trekking partner needs to understand that perhaps more important for this trek is that these high Himalayan regions are traditional homelands of ethnically and culturally tibetan agro based .These socio-cultural considerations are perhaps more important because a primary intention for organizing this trek is to meet local people and interact with them regarding deposit of mineral in their area .
I am looking for a trekking partner who might find it interesting to take an active part in the mineral field study , also interested in seeing the natural beauty of Ice caped great Himalaya.
Please note that I am not looking for someone who has training or expertise any one are heartily welcome .I would be very pleased to meet someone who is more interested in trekking and mineral collecting and photography .I would also be open who is just wanting to take time away from the hustle and bustle of whatever life they have chosen to live or someone who wants to fulfill the dream of an unforgettable adventure.
All I ask is that you have general sense of awe in your own being in the world as well as for how many other ways there are to be and thrive in it.As such it might be better to think of this rockhound for a trekking partner to accompany me on this long , hard journey .
I am looking for long term friendship . Regarding expenses borned into this trip , I will manage .It is assure that I make every effort to travel lightly and cheaply.(but safely and comfortably ) as possible .This will not be luxury trek but corners will also not be cut .You would be more than welcome to assist n the rockhound if you have interest and capacity to find .If not, then I would request you to please just enjoy being alone as a companion on the trek .
Please inquire me for more details and to present yourself as a possible trekking partner .



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