Trekking Partner for Nepal

I would like to trek the Manasalu circuit – an 18 day trek in Nepal. I would be trekking starting September 26 or 27. I am interested in going with one or two other people and a porter rather than going with a large group or tour company. I am open to other arrangements as well. I leave Nepal October 19th and would need to plan any trek accordingly. I also really enjoy trail running and do quite a bit at home, if it works to incorporate some trail running into the trek or do some trekking and some running, I would be really excited. I really like getting outside and am looking to get off the beaten path. If it works to do some camping, that would be great, if not, that is fine as well…
~ Jonna

United States


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  1. Jonna,

    I am also interested in trekking the Manasalu circuit with small group (2-4 people) and getting off the beaten path and camping, where possible. I also enjoy trail running, when I have the opportunity, but admittedly have not done much lately.

    I am 27 years old and in reasonably good shape, for someone currently living in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Security is a concern here, so it’s hard to do a lot of outdoor sports on a regular basis. However, I still do cardio and strength training in the gym on a daily basis and lead hikes around the area on a forthnighly basis.

    I am an experienced mountaineer and have relevant long-distance hiking and expedition experience. Two of my longer expeditions were a 2 week hiking trip through the Wind River Range in Wyoming and a 1 week Mountaineering expedition in an attempt of the South Face of Mt. Hicks in New Zealand. I have climbed some difficult mountains, requiring multi-day ascents, including Mount Blac in France and Bugaboo Spire and Mt. Alberta in Canada.

    I also have a lot of experience leading hikes and climbing trips. I prefer to actively plan and lead my own trips, rather than hire guides.

    If you are interested in joining forces, please respond. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to ask.

  2. Hi Karl,
    I dont have quite the same experience as you as I am not an experienced mountaineer but do enjoy getting outside, trail running in Rocky Mountain National Park and spending time outside. I will be spending some time in Yosemite this summer before going to Nepal. I also have not done as much trail running in the past few weeks but will still be getting outside before traveling to Nepal. Since it is required to have a porter/ guide to hike the Manaslu circuit, I ended up making a contact and have found a guide service. I did this by first contacting someone through the American Alpine Club and then was connected to the Mountain Fund and was recommended a guide service and guide/ porter. I have already committed to going with them and believe that there would be both a guide (Happy- upon recommendation) and a porter. I believe we are leaving Kathmandu on Friday, the 27th. If you are interested in joining forces, I can give you the contact information. The total cost is $1099 and includes meals and lodging in tea houses. Maybe it is less if we have a larger group, I am not sure. I had inquired about camping but it seems as though that would be a lot more expensive so then I decided to just let it be the way it is. If you are interested, let me know and I can share the contact information with you as well.
    On a side note, are you doing the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea?

    Best- Jonna