Trekking in Nepal Oct-Nov 2013, Open to Ideas

I’m looking to do a trek in Nepal from mid/late October for a few weeks and although not set on a region, I’m really interested in Dolpo (recognising that this will take a bit of planning), Manaslu or Mera Peak/EBC. This will be my first time to Nepal and I’m really looking forward to it. I’d also like some company – hence why I’m here – thus if you’re free for a bit of an adventure get in touch and we’ll see if we can make it work. Cheers, Bec



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  1. Hi, There are 3 of us trekking to EBC and Island Peak in late October. You are welcome to join us. At the moment we are considering Mera Peak as well though its not finalised. Your dates seem compaticable

    • Hi there, that could be good – do you have any idea of itinerary? Could you please let me know something about yourself /the group you are traveling with? Names/ages/backgrounds… Cheers, Bec

    • Hi, I’m looking at traveling to EBC in October. I was planning to make the trip to EBC without a guide and porter. However, would require a guide for the Island and Mera peaks. At present I’m not sure if I am traveling alone as my girlfriend hasn’t confirmed that she coming. It would be cool if anyone is interested in joining me or I could join you? Looking forward to hearing for anyone. Regards Dipesh
      P.S I’m 40, live in the UK and am of Indian origin incase you wanted to know. I can be reached on Skype and my user name is dipesh_anandji Please feel free to call or message me…

  2. Hey Bec
    I am traveling to Nepal sept-nov and looking for adventurous people to trek with. It is also my first time to Nepal so would be great to have some one to explore with!

  3. Hi Maddy, yep I’m still planning on being in Nepal from mid October & would be happy to have some company on some adventures. Do you have anything in particular in mind that you’re wanting to do – places you’re wishing to journey to / trek around? Do you have any specific dates / plans yet? Cheers Bec

    • Hey Bec
      Awesome, I am still formulating a lot of ideas at the moment and researching, I would quite like to do something a little off the beaten path maybe the Solu Kumbu/pike peak trek, I would also quite like to do the Annapurna circuit and langtang valley.
      My dates are pretty fluid I was thinking I would get there and decide although I may book a organized trek for end of September early October and then go out on my own (hopefully with some companions) after that. I also though of heading into india for a bit or some jungle adventures.
      I leave on the 27th of November.
      How about you?

  4. Hello! I will be in Nepal from Oct 11th to Nov 8th. Planning on doing the EBC Trek to Kala Patthar. Maybe some side exploring too if I don’t have any major issues with the altitude. I am 32 years old from America and this is my first time out of the country. Will definitly be out of my comfort zone and I cannot wait!

  5. Feel free to PM me and we can see if our trekking interests match! Thanks!

  6. Hi,
    I am single trekker and looking for trekking in Nepal. Idally i would like to keep it low cost and as autonomus as permitted.

    Have several destination in mind by priority
    1. Dolpo during this automn (flexible oct-nov)
    2. Kangchenjunga
    3. Mustang

    Feel free to contact me and for details about me, check my profile

  7. Hi Bec,
    I am also a single trekker, arriving to Nepal on 21st October and am looking to trek around Manaslu. Let me know if you are interested in joining up.
    All the best.

  8. Hi Bec,

    I arrive on the 20th Oct. I was hoping to do EBC and Gokyo lake. I want to do EBC but happy to do it by a different route rather than the straight up and back route. I’m on my own too for the trekking part and meeting a friend after. Would be great to do some trekking with company. I’m 29 female from the UK.


  9. Hi I will be in Nepal from 16th Oct and leave 30th of october back home to sydney. I’d really like some company on this trek, if youre interested please let me know. I am doing this trek –

    It only goes for 6 days. I have two days free before i start the trek and two days free after the trek. If you would liek to meet up, contact me and maybe work something out 🙂

  10. Hello Jess, I just arrived in KTM and am interested in trekking EBC/Gokyo/3passes, approaching via shivalaya. Any chance you have more details on your plans and are still looking for a partner? i’m hoping to head to Shivalaya in the next few days. i’m 33/F/USA.