Trekking Nepal November 2013

Hi, I’m Tom, a 25yo Australian traveller and will be spending a month in Nepal this November (from 2 Nov – 1 Dec). I’m looking for people to trek with. I’m open minded, adventurous, and easy to get along with.

Ideally I would like to do a less-touristy trek such as Manaslu + Tsum Valley, or Kanchenjunga, but am open to suggestions. These areas are restricted areas and require a permit, guide, and two travellers at a minimum, but should not be very expensive, particularly when splitting costs of a guide, and allow for truly breathtaking treks.

As an extra option, I would be happy to also add on a trekking peak climb if anyone was interested. An example would be Larke Peak on the Manaslu circuit- this would add an extra 3 days and a bit more cost to the trip though.

Anyway, as I said I’m flexible and would really like to sync up with a some likeminded travellers. If you’re interested feel free to get in touch!
Tom 🙂



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  1. Hi Tom currently I and another girl from here called Kiki (me 28 and her 26) will fly to lukla on the 7th of november to do the EBC – GOKYO – RENJO Pass its a 20-21 days trek and from there i am considering continue the walk to jiri to do another trek in the langtang area.
    if interested let me know.

  2. sorry i meant to walk to jiri OR do a trek in the langtang area , another 10 days.

    if you want to join part way since you leave on december let me know.
    have a nice weekend.

  3. Hi Tom, I am arriving at KTM on the 25th October and organizing a tek in the Manaslu+Tsum region lasting 25 days more or less.
    I am also looking for someone to split up costs of a guide.
    I have contacted other people for this trek but still haven’t received a confirmation.
    If you are interested write to me at

  4. Shay, thanks for the offer but at this stage I’m more interested in Manaslu circuit. Thanks a lot and safe travels!

    Isa, I’ve sent you an email. : )

  5. hey tom,
    your plans seem cool!
    booked a one way ticket to Nepal the 15th of october – among other things – definitely looking for some hiking adventure 🙂
    actually i planned to do anapurna trek (~21 days) as it doesn’t require a guide, manaslu is the only trek i didn’t really hear about yet, but i’m flexible and less touristic sounds great! 🙂
    i have mountain & hiking experience, but unfortunately i’m a climbing newbie – just did an introduction workshop into climbing once and think himalaya is not the most reasonable place to start it 😀
    but if you’re still seeking company for the trek, let me know 🙂

  6. Thanks Conny, I’ve sent you an email 🙂

  7. hey tom
    i think we in the same mind,
    my maleis ug,urigross@gmail,com what’s yours ,and we can talk


  8. Hi Tom.

    Have you managed to sort your trek out? You were chatting with Krish about our trek. Unfortunately he has had to pull out. There is still vincent and myself. If your still looking we a starting on November 6. If you have it all sorted. Have a great time.

    Catch ya

  9. Hi Tom,

    I’m Camille, from Switzerland. I am currently working in Nepal and was also looking for a trekking group for nov. I am open-minded, ready to discover new things and flexible.
    Have you managed to sort out your trek? What are you plans and dates? If you are still looking for someone to come along, please feel free to contact me:


  10. Hey man are you still going trekking in the beginning of november?
    my friend Andrea and I are looking for a group to join to bring down the cost of a guide.

    I will provide awesome photos of the group for the trek here is my blog

    Let me know bro.

    speak soon

  11. Hey Tom, and others,

    I landen in KTM on oct 22 and I am lloking for a trek + peak experience. The Manaslu trek with the Larkya peak extension seems wonderful. Please let me know if the plan is still on.

    I am Joan, male, 44, and have done some 6000s in Peru. My only trouble by now is gear as I am sort of short of technical gear. The reason for this is that I am on a long trip through Asia and wanted to travel light. I will spend about a week in KTM trying to solve these issues.

    Do you have some info about the climb?

    Thank you!


  12. By the way my email is Please write me (any of you) if interested on this trek.

    I would love to do the Larkya peak there but can also live without it if the group does not feel like.

  13. Hi people,

    I´m also still looking to join a group, preferably to Manaslu+Tsum though i would´ve to skip the peak due to no climbing experience.
    If there´s still room, don´t hesitate to contact me (sunchas3r at
    i´m a 38 year old Belgian male, good physical condition (even better mental condition ;-), easy going, carpe diem, just looking forward to having a great trek with like-minded people..