Trekking Nepal (Explore, Photograph, Adventure!!)


I’m a videographer and photographer by trade. I’ve travelled a fair bit and am looking to do some more. Right now I’m just looking for one or two people to team up with for a little while.

At the moment I’m thinking of heading west in Nepal, but open to ideas. I’d rather avoid the tourist trails if possible.

I’m all about being on the road, taking photos fairly constantly and meeting new people. If that sounds like your sort of thing then perhaps we will get on.

As far as dates – I’m flexible. But I do want to be in India for Holi on the 6th March.




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  1. Hi Max,

    I am planning to head out to Nepal from January 20-February 24. Since it is my first time in Nepal, I plan to initially do Annapurna Circuit. However, I was looking for something to do at the tail end of my trip. As Annapurna is pretty touristy, I was looking to end the trip with something a little more off the beaten path.

    I am from the California and am currently finishing up a year long position in Guam. I am taking an extended trip before heading back to California. I enjoy new experiences and meeting new people.

    If you’re interested in maybe travelling together for a bit let me know.


  2. Hello,

    My Name is Sarah and i am planning to go to Nepal early Feb. maybe 8th.

    I am interested in Trekking and some other activities I haven’t done before such as Hiking and Bungee Jumping.

    Do you have more details regarding your plans and what you intend to do?

    I am from Cairo, Egypt.


  3. Hey Max,
    I’m travelling to Nepal on the 11th of February.
    Your plans sound pretty much along the same lines as mine so would if you were still seeking a partner let me know 🙂
    I’m a 21 year old Australian female seeking to see all things beautiful/authentic and off the usual touristy tracks.

    • Hi Deanna +Max,

      I’m arriving Nepal 12FEB and would be up for something. Very open

  4. I wanted to do the NATT trail and take some landscape pictures… would be doing just after monsoon this year…