Trekking Ladakh

I would like to do 3 weeks trekking in Ladahk, Starting with the Markha Valley trekking 8 days. I would like to be as much independent as can. Maybe some days with the tent other in host, with a good map. I will start at will be 15 of September in Leh.

If somebody has similar plans we can we can see if we can make a trekking together or stages at least.

Many greetings



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  1. Hi,

    I will be doing an independent trek from Lamayuru – Padum – Darcha in September 2013 starting 11th September over a period of 21-22 days. There is a friend joining me for the Lamayuru – Padum stretch and post that i’m by myself. If this interests you , you could probably join for the entire trail or a part of it.


  2. Hi Aashna

    Thanks for your response. That is great I will check and see your itinerary and see how I can eventually joint to it.

    We keep in touch during the next days


  3. Hi Cristian,

    I start my travel from the 10th August from Srinagar so i may not be able to connect as much. You could mail me at Will be easier to keep in touch then.


  4. Hi,

    Im leaving for Manali and then Ladahk in a couple of days from Nepal. Are you already in Leh?

  5. Hi jules

    No, I am planing in from of my laptop my trekking plans will start the 15th of September..

    How long are you gonna be in Ladakh??

    Have a nice trekking 🙂