Trekking in Sikkim

From: 10 May 2014
To: 21 May 2014


I am an avid trekker from Singapore. Planning for a trip to Sikkim.
I have been to several trips in the region but Sikkim will be the first.
The plan is to take a local group that operates in Sikkim as you cannot trek independently. Also there are no teahouse/guesthouses along the way like in Nepal.
Right now, its my sister-in-law(Macau), and myself(Singapore)
The company Thrillophilia seems ok
The ‘Goecha la’ trek is one of the most popular and scenic route



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  1. Moderator

    Tiga – are you the guide for this trip?

  2. Nope, Just participant.
    My post was hastily posted and lacked some info. I have updated it.
    I am hoping to go in a group to share the cost. I don’t mind more people but 4 would be ideal Right now it’s just my sister-in-law and myself. Have you been Sikkim?

  3. Moderator

    Hi Tiga,

    thanks for clarifying. I have been to Sikkim for the same Goecha La trek you mentioned. It is a good one. Beautiful and varied views on the way up, and Sikkim in general is a great part of India to explore. Let me know if you have any specific questions…


  4. Alex, nice tips. Would be great if u could share which trekking agency u went with and if u would recommend it, I saw this agency-thrillophilia, seems reputable and good but the cost is on the high side. Would appreciate any advice on that. Thanks

  5. Moderator

    Hi Tiga,

    I went with a local guide that I found in Yuksam called Pasang. I can dig up his email and send it to you if you like. I don’t remember exactly, but it would have cost me a couple hundred dollars at most (a few years ago), and I went with a group of 4/5 people and the trek lasted around 5/6 days.

    Thrillophilia charges more because they do the work of organizing everything for you. They don’t run treks themselves but hire out local agencies they have negotiated contracts with (from what I understand). It’s up to you how much time/effort you want to put in to organizing it yourself.

    So… up to you. If you have the time and flexibility, you could go to Yuksam and try to organize things from there, which would be your cheapest option…


  6. Thanks Alex for the info, I guess will have to go to an agency that does most of the coordination work since I have not have time there.

  7. I have interested too for this trekking, pl kindly send the details and cost of the trekking

  8. Gowda, thanks for asking. Most of the details are already inside this posted trip. I will be glad to answer any other questions.
    In general, I am considering taking a trekking package from Thrillophilia. It should cost around $950 USD. Here is the link:

  9. Alex,

    I’m also looking for guides and would love to hear more about Pasang… Do you have his contact details?

  10. Alex,
    This is my first time planning a trip there, I do not know who is Pasang.

  11. Moderator

    Hey Jonathan, his name is Pasang Bhutia and he lives around Yuksam, his email is

    Tiga – Pasang is just a guide I did this trek with. I liked him so I suggested him if you needed one.


  12. Alex,
    I got confused over the earlier message thread and replied to the wrong person. Anyways, thanks for the tip! 🙂

  13. still space in the group ?

  14. Just check indiahikes. com … U might be able to get it done cheaper… M too going around the same date , not yet freezed on the dates..

  15. Thanks guys for information.
    I am planning my trip in mid april is it good time for tht trek