Trekking in Nepal and Holi (Festival of Colors) in India

I’m going to be in Nepal doing a volunteer program through the end of February. After that I am planning on traveling around Nepal and looking for other travelers to trek with. I plan on going to India for Holi, The Festival of Colors, which is on March 17th. After that I would love to do the Annapurna Circuit, or any other treks while I am in Nepal (until the beginning of May)

Let me know if you are interested in going to Holi or doing any trekking anytime from March 25th until May 1st.



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  1. Hi Maya, i am based in San Diego, CA and will be travelling to India (I am originally from Bombay/Mumbai) and will be there during Holi ie March 16 and 17 and leaving for Kathmandu on March 18th to do the Annapurna circuit for 25 days. Please keep in touch as your plan solidifies…

  2. Hello Maya
    I am 28 Indian
    I am interested
    let me know what are the plans ?

  3. Maya, I have planned my ABC trek after holi and would be in KTM on 22nd Pokhra on 23rd. I have one of my colleagues who has joined and it is guided tour. so just let me know if interested and we can discuss in detail.

  4. I’m travelling through South India at the moment. Long story really, so I will attach a couple of my blogs, so you can get a feel for who I am.

    I will be heading to Nepal straight after Holi, to do some trekking for a month. I am on a fairly tight budget so intend to go guide-less and flightless if possible, once I’m where I need to be. Would be lovely to have some company.
    I’m very much in to my photography and writing.

    You can see my photography at

    Look forward to hearing from someone!

    Keep adventuring.


  5. Hi Maya,

    I’m looking to do the Annapurna Base Camp trek in late March/early April so maybe our dates would coincide? I’m a solo female traveller from England. I contacted one of the independent local guides for the ABC whose basic rate is $25 per day, I’m not sure if a guide is needed but if so it would be great to get a small group together to share the cost – and the experience of course!


  6. Hey! Katelin here, solo trekker from the US! I will be arriving in Kathmandu around May 6-10 and figure I’d stick around for Holi (!) before starting to Trek! Annapurna circuit sounds super fun and if our dates coincide keen to consider trekking together? 🙂 I’m sold on the idea of a porter/guide but would love to do hike with a few others as opposed to going with an organized company. Drop a message if you are keen and we can talk details further! 🙂 -katelin

  7. Hey sounds similar dates. I’m still deciding everything. If your still planning give me a message.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Hi looking at doing a 4/5 poon hill trek from March 25th if anyone is interested!

  9. Hi, i am going for ABC trek around 25th of march.I am alone ,it would be wonderful to trek together.

  10. Hey Michael, this sounds interesting, is that Annapurna/Base Camp? It’ll definitely tie in with my dates. Mya’s too probably.

  11. Hey! Arriving in Kathmandu the 30th of march, leaving again 28th of april. I really want to do the Annapurna Circuit sometime between those dates, anyone interested?


  12. Hello Maya, my name is Andrea.I ve been living in India for the past 2 months and ill get o Kathmandu on March 19. Im planning to spend around 3 or 4 days in Kathmandu and then go for a trekk later on. Maybe we can trek together?

    Best Regards

  13. Im in if it starts around March 20 – 25

  14. Right guys, final update from me.
    I’m currently in Thamel. I’m nipping up to Bardia for a few days. My intention is the be in Pokhara by the 26th, starting the Annapurna on the 27th March. If anyone is interested in this start date they are welcome to join me. Unfortunately I have no number but if you give somewhere to meet in Pokhara on 25th or 26th I can be there. 26th probably better! Good luck to all.