Trekking in Ladakh or Zanskar, India, starting 1st week of June, 2013

I am looking for partners for a trekking trip in Ladakh or Zanskar, starting the 1st week of June, 2013. I would like to overnight in the villages, and possibly bring a tent just in case. I would like to hire a guide, but carry my own gear. As far as duration, I am flexible; anything up to 2 to 3 weeks. I am also flexible as to which trek to go on.

Hey Andrew!

That sounds like an exciting trip. I have the month of June 2013 off and I would like to do Leh-Ladakh if my trip to EBC doesn’t work out. Do you have an itinerary in mind? Or maybe a list of places that you want to visit by the end of the trip?




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  1. Hey,

    Canadian guy here coming to manali at the start of June. Thinking of doing Shitidhar in manali if I can find a partner for climbing it. let me know if you will be around.

    • Hi, I might be interested too. Planning to get to Manali around May 20th, then head up to Ladakh, but I’m flexible, could go a little later (although I have to be back in Delhi by 14th June, so can’t trek for too long…..

  2. hiiii.Hey Andrew….hey dr…same time i m in leh i m alone on trekking ..i have al camping gear..can i join each other andrew..send me ms…i ll walt ur msg