trekking EBC on the middle o january solo

Good morning everyone, i’m an italian guy and i plan to do the trek everest camp on the middle of january, precisely i’ll in Kathmandu on the 8 of january, i’m alone but will be enjoyable to share the experience/risks with something else, i want to ask if somebody as well are planning to go in that period, i have i bit long experience in Alps, and Dolomites.

Ciao and Namaste to everyone!



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  1. Hi,

    I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu (today) and will be looking to do some unguided treks over the next couple of months. I’m actually predominantly here for kayaking but I think I’ll struggle to find kayak partners until late February/early March so I’m keen to get in some treks before then.

    I’m a 28 year old British guy with quite a lot of experience in multi-day trekking and mountaineering. I’m currently in Kathmandu so if you are still around it would be good to meet for a drink and chat to make plans. I’m flexible as to trekking routes and dates.



    • Hey Neil,
      Im in Kathmandu at the moment, would definitely be interested in meeting up for a quick chat over a beverage. Currently my plan is to fly off to Lukla on Monday the 9th. Would you be interested in meeting up somewhere in Thamel this evening?

  2. Hey guys, I’m heading to Kathmandu on the 9th of Jan looking to do Everest Base Camp preferably without a guide!

    I’m pretty experienced and hoping to do as much trekking as I can over the month I have. I’ve no set plans as of yet and it would be great to meet up with someone.
    Let me know if anyones around!
    Cheers, Luke

  3. Eric, I’m in Kathmandu as well at the moment and will be meeting someone else from here on the 9th or 10. Do you want to join us for a drink? She is a looking at a trek in the Langtang area (