Trekking & camping in the Pyrenees

Nothing booked yet so it doesn’t need to be the Pyrenees, but just a location that I have in mind at the moment. The Retrouvance Ariège Pyrénées route could be a good option which takes around 6 days. Thinking of taking camping gear and then just walking some routes for around a week. There are plenty of different routes to choose from of varying difficulty although I’d like to do some peaks. Otherwise, I’m just looking to wild camp and hike. Planning on keeping this as cheap as possible.



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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I am flying to Barcelona this Wednesday the 7th and will be hanging their for a few days and then heading to the Pyrenees to do some treks. Plan to do some peaks as well, no confirmed plan as yet but want to check some good routes and will be camping. Last year i completed the tour of mount Blanc which was a wonderful experience. Be good to have some company or shared adventure at some stage.
    kind regards