Trek Nepal (open to options)

Hey All,

I’m arriving in Nepal and looking to Trek independently to save money and have some more freedom. Thinking about bringing a tent so I wouldn’t be so restricted to villages, and have options for other more remote routes. I just spent most of the summer backpacking in the High Sierra Nevada, and am ready for something more. Just purchased a flight and am getting to details now. Please disregard the facebook account if it is viewable. This was made during a trip to Thailand, partly as a joke, and partly as a means for saving photos. I’m open to trekking ideas and am not scared of carrying heavy packs up mountains.



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  1. Hey man my name’s Alaitz also from the US and looking to do manaslu. I’m in pohkara now. Shoot me a message if u want to get together and discuss logistics

    • Hi, I am also going to Manaslu at the same time as you are going. I am independent trekker and I am from Nepal. We no need guide as I am myself a Nepali. The trail to Manaslu is little bit difficult for few days, so i can i join you if u have no problem? we wont be sticking to each other as I also love solo trekkking. But better if we are together in difficult places

  2. Hey again David,

    Have you made any progress with your itinerary? Your plans/wants/goals with this trek seem aligned with mine. I’m also now able to leave on the 4th from either pokhara or Kathmandu. I want to do the same style trek as you’re envisioning – freedom, some some time, tent option. I really just want to find someone to get the permits (I’m hoping to start with Manaslu) and cover logistics together. Also good to have someone on the trail even if we aren’t always together in the exact same place. Let me know if you’re interested in adding one to your group. I leave India for Nepal on Oct 1 via train, arriving on the 2nd.

    • Hey Suzanna,
      I haven’t made any progress looking into the trip. I’ve been out of contact up at my friends farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I’m down to do any trek and will be arriving in Kathmandu on Oct 3.

      Please email me ( if you are interested in linking up.

  3. Hey guys my name’s Alaitz, also from the US and looking to do manaslu with my own gear leaving the first week of October. I’m in pohkara now. Let me know if you you’d be interested in sharing a guide. I already have my ACAP permit and can help u guys deal with that, the other permit we have to get through the guide agency. I’ve spoken with a couple reputable agencies here in town and the going rate seems to be 20 a day for a guide, so if we split that two or three ways it’s not bad. Anyone interested in sharing a guide please don’t hesitate to message me 🙂