Trek Nepal (open to options)

Hey All,

I’m arriving in Nepal and looking to Trek independently to save money and have some more freedom. Thinking about bringing a tent so I wouldn’t be so restricted to villages, and have options for other more remote routes. I just spent most of the summer backpacking in the High Sierra Nevada, and am ready for something more. Just purchased a flight and am getting to details now. Please disregard the facebook account if it is viewable. This was made during a trip to Thailand, partly as a joke, and partly as a means for saving photos. I’m open to trekking ideas and am not scared of carrying heavy packs up mountains.

P.S. I just chose some descriptions below because something needs to be filled in these blanks, such as pace being steady. I have a average pace on flat ground, and above average pace going up hill. Though, I don want to finish the hikes in record time, and would rather explore and chill whenever possible.



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  1. Hey David – I’m currently finishing up a yoga teacher training program in India, but have plans to do Manaslu circuit (maybe Tsum as well) starting roughly around the same time as you indicated. I prefer to do the trek solo, with the option to camp, and without a guide, like you mentioned. Still, it would be good to have someone on the trail with me
    at roughly the same time for safety and especially for permits (since you need 2 people for permits). We wouldn’t have to stick together as I’m pretty independent, but maybe you’d be interested in my itinerary/going in for permits together? Let me know. I have a lot of planning to do this week – are your dates flexible? I likely won’t be able to leave until after the 5th (not sure the exact day – depends if I go from India to Kathmandu or pokhara). Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. Happy trekking.


  2. Hi, I am from Nepal and I am a independent trekker like you. I am also leaving for Manaslu on this October 4. I no need guide as I am Nepali and can talk with people clearly. We may join if you like.