Trek Minya Konka, Sichuan, China

I am looking for travel partners for a journey in Yunnan and Sichuan China. The trip starts in Chengdu, Sichuan with a visit to the panda sanctuary. We then drive southwest to the Kanding area for a 12 day trek along the west side of Minya Konka, once thought to be taller than Mt Everest. During the trek we will view glaciers, vist a remote Tibetan monastery, and be immersed in Tibetan culture (yaks and nomads). Following the trek, we drive westward to Litang and Batang, and then south to Shangri La, Yunnan. The drive is across the Kham Tibetan Plateau. Please contact me if you have interest.

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  1. Looks like you have signed up for package deal Chengdu to Yunnanl, I would only be interested in joining you for the trek, if that was possible. I was planning to do this trek but earlier than you, on approx the 9 August. There is a possibility I could rearrange my trip so that I could leave later. I need to be back in Chengdu for my flight to Bangkok on the 13 September. I am interested to here about your plans. Regards Alan