Trek Annapurna Sanctuary or EBC between 6th and 20th October

Hi All,
My name is Richard, I’m a PhD student from England and will be flying to Kolkata to do some work in september. I’m going to take some time off whilst out there and will be flying to Kathmandu on the 5th October staying in Nepal until the 21st. I’m looking for some trekking partners to join me on either Annapurna sanctuary or EBC treks to complete between those dates. I’m pretty flexible on which one to do, but I plan to do it without guides. I completed the Manaslu circuit last year which was incredible so I’m very excited to be going back!

Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss in more detail by email.

Thanks a lot,



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  1. Hi Richard, I am arriving in Kathmandu on September the 29th, and want to do a month’s trekking in October.. I could wait until the 5th. I would love to do the Annapurna circuit, and have lots of time for it. It’s my first time going to Nepal, and I am going to be volunteering in a school in Kathmandu starting on November the 8th.
    Let me know if this sounds good for you!

  2. Hi Marina,
    That sounds really good, however I have to be in Kathmandu on the 21st September for my flight so I don’t think I have time to do the full circuit. I was planning on doing the Annapurna sanctuary trek though, would you be interested in doing that?