Torres Del Paine Circuit O , Patagonia Chile, looking for partners

I am planning a trip to Patagonia Chile , and I would like to do the Circuit O , starting from Seron in Torres Del Paine Park. Torres Del Paine needs to be booked in advance, which I already did. I will start the trek on 26th of February 2023, for 8 days. After completing the circuit I am planning to to go to Atacama dessert to do some high altitude trekking, I don’t mind traveling alone, done it before, but would be nice with some company. Anyone else out there interested in Patagonia ?

Torres Del Paine is pretty expensive but you can get away with only booking the campsite and carrying everything else, or booking full board ..up tp you. I booked full board and camping.
Apparently the free campsites in the park are not open for the hiking season 22/23 not sure why.



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