Tilicho Lake

Hello, im currently in Jomsom and plan to trek to Manang over Murkinath. Then head back to Jomsom over Tilicho lake. This last bit will be more difficult and require some camping. Anybody interested. We can meet in either Jomsom or Manang. Main bit I want a partner for is the lake part. Cheers



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  1. Hey, we’ve just done exactly that!
    All is straightforward until the northern side of Tilicho, where the route (no track) is cairned very sporadically. We ended up just heading to the pass by line of sight – and as the pass is so wide it took a while to find the point we were supposed to cross. A GPS would be almost necessary in poor visibility (you’d have to go up and down heaps of small hills if you were on a compass bearing!)
    Because there’s very little snow, descending from mesokanto la was a bit problematic (steep icy scree). We think there’s a better way here.
    What we did: descended steeply from the pass on the right hand side of the valley, following a small track at times. We then had to downclimb a section, and slide down a slab of ice to get to flattish ground above the start of the river (about 600 horizontal meters away from the top of the pass). Then there was a mad dash (to the left)across the rockfall area, to the left hand side of the valley, where we traversed a scree slope for a few hundred meters to reach a long flat strip in the scree. We camped here. In the morning we decided that the track was probably on the other side of the spur we were on. (Ie further west). We think it might be easier to attempt to get onto this spur from the start of the descent from the pass,, rather than descending to the river. Anyway, we eventually made our way to the other side of the spur and headed down to the grassy valley. Tracks appeared and disappeared frequently in the grassy part.
    Have fun, let me know if you want grid references!

    P.s. kaisang is an army camp. Aim for the true right of the main river on the way to jomsom!

    • To add to Nicole’s post, get the 1:70000 Tilicho map, which makes it clear that you get onto the spur just after Mesokanto La and not go down the slippery somewhat exposed slopes into the valley!

      Hope you get to do this, I really enjoyed the stretch between Khangsar and Jomsom!