tilicho lake trek

I would be arriving in Katmandu on 20th of November, I am greatly interested in doing the tilicho lake trek ( considered to be the highest lake in the world), I am looking out for 8 days of trekking.

I have no experienced what so ever when it comes to trekking,but fairly fit to the trek, any one interested please write in to me



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  1. Hi, Karan. 8 days is not enough to trek Tilicho. Here is coordinates-Ist day-Kathmandu- 27°41’43.61″N, 85°21’29.22″E
    2nd day-Ktm to Beshisahar(Lamgung)by bus- 28°13’50.42″N, 84°22’38.47″E
    3rd day-Beshisahar to Chame(Manang district) by jeep- 28°33’6.01″N, 84°14’31.96″E
    4th day-Pisang- 28°36’56.08″N, 84° 8’50.45″E
    5th day-Manag- 28°39’58.72″N, 84° 1’21.29″E
    6th day-Khangsar- 28°40’11.60″N, 83°58’24.33″E
    7th day-Tilicho Lake Base Camp- 28°40’48.46″N, 83°54’23.47″E
    8th day-Tilicho Lake- 28°41’37.49″N, 83°51’6.05″E

    • Hi Bhagawan,
      Thank you for your reply, Ive considered 8 days from chame, I’ve kept two additional days in case of any problems, so from chame to jomson i’ve kept more or less 10 days. I hope the time specified would be enough to complete the trek.


  2. Hi karan, when are you planing to start and from which point ?