Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia, and Beyond.

Hello! Looking for a few like minded individuals for some trekking and paddling etc. in and around Puerto Natales in mid-February. My friend and I are gonna do the “W” and after that he goes home. Gonna be in Patagonia about a month before moving on up north for a few months. Im open for any ideas as long as its an adventure, the more obscure and the less traveled the better. Hiking, Climbing, Paddling, Camping are all on the horizon. Let me know!



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  1. I would recommend to do the whole Circuit rather than just W. Also tent rather than stay at the lodges … few people got bed bugs from various places :(. Have fun! A good hostel at PN is Erratic (best breaky I ever had in Chile and staff are fantastic) , they also have free info nights about the hiking at Torres Del Paine. Any q’s just PM 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m taking the feb 20 boat from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams to do the Circuito del dientes. A little out of the way and known for dynamite winds, this isn’t often done. Would welcome company. I’ve got gps waypoints for all campsites in case of whiteout. This is a little out there so not for casual trekker. I’ve wanted to sail around the horn but no boat so am hiking 10 miles north of it.

  3. Hey Nanne that was our initial plan but my friend is only down there for 10 days so we opted for the W. I will definitely be going on others. Do you have any can’t miss items beside the venerable full circuit?

    Peter, as to your idea I’m definitely considering that. As I’m down in South America for 6 months I’m not bringing a pocket rocket or cookware. Are those available for rent? I may just pick up the former to have. I have everything else.

  4. Hi Chris,
    It would be good to have a stove for this trip but in a pinch, we could share one. If you’re interested in the trip, might be Advisable to book the Feb 20 boat seat on Austral Broom. I could only get a seat, not bunk, but hope to upgrade when I get there. Weather is very unpredictable and can snow or blow a gale in the middle of summer….but the hike itself is non technical but not often done. Trail is sketchy in places so gps coordinates are really important. By the way, Peter is my better half but doesn’t want to freeze his ass so is staying home to mind our business…it’s just Sherry going.
    Cheers, Sherry