Tibet – June – looking for travelling companions


I’m planning on doing the following trip with a local Tibetan travel agency (http://www.tibetanguide.com/) from the 11th to 28th June. In summary, the trip will include a few days in Lhasa, followed by the Tsurphu to Yangpanchen trek, then Namtso Lake for a night, and finally a road trip down to EBC via Shigatse, Gyantse, Karola Glacier and Yamdro Tso Lake, before returning to Lhasa to depart.

I’d quite like to have a(some) travel companion(s) to share the experience and the cost(!).

If you’re interested, send me an email (tashbean@gmail.com) and I can give you more information (cost etc). It’s possible for you to join for just part of the trip as well, so let me know if you’d be interested in that.


Detailed itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa and transfer to the hotel.
Day 02: In Lhasa. Visit Jokhang temple, Barkor square and Sera Monastery
Day 03: In Lhasa. Visit and Norbu Lingka and Rombuk Monastery
Day 04: We will drive about 70km to Tsurphu Monastery. Tsurphu Monastery is the Karma Kagyu school in Tibet. After visiting Tsurphu Monastery we will prepare for our trekking the next day. The Tsurphu-Yampachen trek covers 55 km.
Day 05: Next day trek to Leten. Leten is also called the ‘highest village in the world’.
Day 06: Today we will reach the highest pass of this trek at Lasar la, (5300m). It will take 3 hrs from Leten to Lasar-la. Then another 3 hours walk to Barnak.
Day 07: Trek Barnag to Dorjelinge Nunnery and camp there one night.
Day 08: in the morning visit Dorjelinge Nunnery. Then drive to Namtso Lake.
Day 09: Namtso Lake to Shigatse.
Day 10: Shigatse to New tingri. Morning visit to Tashilompo Monastery and Tashilompo Kora.
Day 11: New tingri to EBC and Rombuk Monastery.
Day 12: EBC to New tingri. Sunrise with Everest views (trekking or take bus to EBC).
Day 13: New tingri to Shigatse. Sakya Monastery.
Day 14: Shigatse to Gyantse. Shialu Monastery, Gyantse Monastery and Dtong.
Day 15: Gyantse to Lhasa. Plus Karola Glacier and Yamdro Tso Lake.
Day 16 Around Lhasa city (free day).
Day 17: Depart Tibet.



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  1. Hi Tash- How did it go with TibetanGuide.com? I am thinking of connecting with them, but would like to know more about them – other travelers experiences- Thanks- Perry