Tibet: Everest Kangshung Face trek SEPTEMBER 2014


I’m looking for other trekkers that want to do the Kangshung Face trek in September – early October 2014. I’m super flexible with itinerary. I’ve been in Tibet before and I know all the main spots on the way already, so you can decide what is best for you. Only one thing: I want to do the trek in at least 12 days. I would prefer to hire just a local guide that I met in my previous trips if available, yaks to carry stuff and driver/transportation. But I’m open to other needs if fits my budget (mess tent, chairs, tables, cook and other “luxuries”).

The tour will be operated by Mima Dhondup (http://www.tibetanguide.com).
Looking forward to meeting you in Kathmandu or Lhasa for this adventure!!




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  1. hi Alfonso,
    just looked though your tterring program and it sounds nice to me). have you found any mates to join you so far?
    i m going to be in nepal from 11till 21 of september. i d be glad to join a group ore solo traveler for any trekk on the north of nepal. if u dnt mind) let me know if my dates are ok for the trekk and what s the budget of the trip.

    • Hi! I’m sorry, but i’m only interested in this trek in TIBET. I’m doing it alone by now.