Three Passes Trek with EBC

Work in progress, but the basic paremeters are this:

Kathmandu to Jiri or Salleri by ground transport
trek to lukla
from lukla I plan to take the three passes with EBC
back to lukla and first step in reverse

I plan to do as many side trips along the three pass loop as possible



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  1. Hi jacek
    Is your date fix? I’m lso planning this route in April.

    • No, its not fixed yed, I’m looking at 25-day windows beginning in March. I’m flexible, but main considerations are weather and cost. I will have to factor in time in Kathmandu to get gear rentals and paperwork, but I plan to check out the city after my trek.
      How about you?

  2. Hey I plan on trekking just after Holi, that is around the first week of March. I’d like to join you, since I’m a solo backpacker. Do inform me if you’re interested

    • Holi falls on March 2? Yeah, let me know your timeframe.

  3. just posted a similar trek plan. Much like Hansatanu, I am solo backpacking. Please tell me if you are interested. Hansatanu, we could correspond as well.

    • What’s your timeframe? Are you going to Holi in India and then to Kathmandu overland?

  4. No, I am flying into Kathmandu on March 2. Spend 1 day pulling together my tims card and either:
    flight to/from Lukla on 3/4 – 3/28
    alternate route (flight or otherwise to Phaplu)
    and fly back on the 28 to Kathmandu to fly home on the 30th.

  5. Hello Guys,
    Greeting! This is Rajesh from Nepal. I am local guide and I do have own trekking agency too. Since you guys are trekking one of the challenging route of the Nepal, I would recommend you at least take a guide or a porter, so you could have full of confidence to hit the goal and enjoy the trip. Trekking means not only arrive at the destination and back to city. If you go into detail there are so much things need to observe which makes your trip life time unforgettable. While you guys are 2/3 people, it won’t cost much and makes massive difference enjoy with amazing nature. It will be also quite comfort in term of managing local flight, trekking permits, accommodation during mountain, to know about people, dialect, culture, Himalaya, flora fauna etc. If you prefer hassle free trip then please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. I can let you know plenty of references to know about us and trust. Well preparation is very essential for Everest trek. Thanks, Have a great weekend! Cheers

  6. Hi. I’m landing in Kathmandu today, and planning on doing excactly what you’re doing. Have you departed already?