Three Passes Trek from Jiri

The plan is to trek in the Everest region starting from Jiri and possibly flying back Lukla. Three passes or any variations are possible and hiking back to Jiri is also possible. I have 7 weeks in total + one week buffer after, leaving Kathmandu between the 6th or the 8th of October.

I’m in decent shape but i’m planning on taking my time and enjoy the area. Which means a few side trips ob the way, such as Ama Dablam basecamp for example. I’m also taking ton’s of photos, which needs to be accounted for. Bottom line is that i can perform, but this a leasure trip, not a race. If the view is gone because of the weather, i’ll just wait untill it clears.

I have enough budget spare, but i prefer to play it low key unless i need too.

I plan to leave by bus on the 8th of October, but i can wait a day or two.



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  1. Just saw your message on my personal email, oddly there is no message on the website, which I check. I am in Pokhara and ill, so I may not leave for Jiri for another 5-7 days, maybe more. Enjoy the trek. Your pictures are great.

  2. That’s unfortunate, i hope you get well soon. Pokhara to Jiri, that’s going to be a long ride!

    I did not find anyone, so i’m leaving this Sunday moring for Jiri. I ave a feeling that i’ll be takingmy time for the first section, so who knows, maybe we’ll catch up in Namche.

    I’m expecting quite a bit off traffic on the trails this year.

    Rest well!