Three Passes Trek & Everest Base Camp

Hello all,
I’m Jacqui from Australia, travelling the world with my partner Simon. Nepal is our last stop before heading home and were super excited about getting into to Himalayas! We love adventure, being outdoors and in the mountains! We have abit of high altitude climbing experience from the Peruvian Andes (5000m) and Colombian sierras (4800m) earlier this year.

Our plan:
We will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 19th of November, beginning our journey on the 21st for The Three Passes Trek. We will be flying from Kathmandu – Lukla and walking from there.

We have spoken with a number of people/companies/guides and have decided to go with the option of hiring a local guide through an experienced reputable company, purely for support in high (possibly snow covered) passes. We won’t be using porters at all and will be sleeping at teahouses along the route for the entire journey.

We are looking at a 20-22 day trip, depending on acclimatisation, weather and rest days etc.

Happy to post or send detailed itinerary if anyone’s interested 🙂

We would love to have other keen trekkers join us on this adventure and help fund hiring a guide. We are pretty set on these dates, so if you think this route & time frame would work for you we’d love for you to join us!

Cost of the guide is $25USD per day + $120USD for their flight. Teahouses we’ve been told cost roughly $20-25USD per night (food included) and flight to and from Lukla is roughly $325USD (more expensive with fuel crisis).

Possibly the cheapest way to do the three passes trek if you want a guide. Obviously much cheaper independent, but we’d rather pay for the comfort of an experienced guide who knows the route well.

Let us know and we can get the ball rolling!

Jacqui and Simon



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  1. Hey ! Just wonderinf if you guys manage d to stick to your itinerary ? Im flying into katmandunon the 23rd and looking at the three passes asap !