Three Passes & Everest Base Camp Trek

I am interested in either joining another group or having people join me on this awesome experience. I am very flexible on dates, ideally I would be starting the trek in late September or early October. This will be my first international Trek as well as my first experience with altitude however am well experienced with long hikes in the US having completed many multi-month hikes.

On a personal note, I am happily married, try to maintain a positive attitude, love to laugh everyday and probably a bit older than many who would take this adventure at 58 however am in good shape and enjoy the outdoors. Thank you for giving consideration to joining me on this adventure.



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  1. Hi Kirk , I am Planning For Pin Parvati Trek on June ( pin valley -spiti valley- 5350m height , 100km trek ), Himachal Pradesh, India , Its one of the toughest trek of India , with full of adventure, almost 11 days trekking .
    we are now 5 member 3 from India 1 from Argentina( same as your age crossing 50) and 1 from London.
    planing with least of cost just hirring 2,3 porter that will cost us around 24 dollar per day for all or you can say 5 dollar per day per person,
    For this trek travel agency cost around 390 to 470 dollar per person, so its really cheap ….right?
    its not more like luxuries trek , but adventurous and i am more intend to make it full of adventure and fun.

    About me- I’m a more of a solo traveller. I had traveled almost half of India that includes RAJASTHAN (Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaislmair, Jodhpur, ), UTRAKHAND ( Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Masoorie, Dehradun,), SHIMLA, MUMBAI, DELHI, VARANSI, AGRA, GOA (Bagha beach and Miramar beacg) , MYSURE, KRELA(Kovalam Beach), MADURAI.
    Let me know if you wanna join us

    • Hi Vivek:
      Thank you for the invitation and your trek looks inviting and I really like the international group you have pulled together. However I already have plans to finish a long distance trek over the June through August time frame and therefore unfortunately cannot join your team.

      All The Very Best to you and the group, I am sure it will be AMAZING!

  2. Thanks Kirk for compliment, I am just Intend to make it more memorable and amazing ,
    Best of luck you too for your upcoming trek

  3. Maybe I will join you If your trek begin in 1st week of November, i have plan for Nepal in November , let me know if it is.

    • Hi Vivek;
      I apologize for the late reply, I didn’t see the e-mail come through. I am planning to start, which is to be in Kathmandu around October 3.

  4. Hi Kirk,
    I am very interested in joining you to Three passes trek in this Oct/Nov. My manager gave me three week holiday.
    I am in good shape. I hike every weekend. I did ABC in 2016 and AC in 2017. I did these treks in “standard time”. However, I am 49 year old and walk slower than younger trekkers. I met many young trekkers who walk twice faster than standard time at ABC and AC. I think walking with a 58 years person is more comfortable for me.
    Please let me know if you are interested in going to trek together.
    In addition, I speak very poor English. If you want to have a companion who speaks good English, I am not the one.

    • Hi Taeko;
      Thank you very much for sending me a message and sharing your interest in joining me on this wonderful adventure. It would be an honor to join together, and you would be of such great benefit as you have been through part of the trek before. Your English is better than my other language so I am sure we’ll be just fine. There is also 2 other women who I have trekked with before that have expressed interest in the trek and may join us however are unsure at the present time. I am thinking of being in Kathmandu around Oct 3. Would that fit with your plans?

      Thank you again

  5. Hi Kirk,
    Thank you very much for your response.
    However, I prefer to start late October or early November.
    I am sorry but I cannot join you.

  6. Hi Kirk,
    Just saw your Three Passes trek plan. I am interested! I have been to Nepal a few times but have never trekked the Three Passes. I am retired and unencumbered thus quite flexible with any planning. If there is still an open spot in your group, send me a note and we can discuss in more detail.
    Best regards.

  7. Hi Paul, thank you for your interest!! There is absolutely an open slot as there are a few people who are interested no one has committed as of yet. With your having been to Nepal previously it would certainly be a huge benefit.

    All The Very Best to you

  8. Hi Kirk,
    Thanks for the quick response. Perhaps we can connect by phone – I live in Boise. Send me a note to paceratgmxdotus and we can exchange phone numbers.

  9. Hi Taeko,Namaste My name is Gam Bahadur Rai(54) I am a professional Trekking guide from Nepal. if you wish I can guide you for your safety specially for Three pass trek in Everest Region if you have any question, please feel free to write me
    -Gam Bahadur Rai from Nepal

    • Good Morning Gam, thank you for your note. As of present I am hopeful I will be able to gain a few others to Trek with me however am interested in getting a quote for guide services in the event I go alone. If you are interested in providing this information it would be well received. As you can see I am looking to do the 3 High Passes and add in Everest Base Camp.

      Wishing you and yours all the Very Best

  10. Hi Kirk, Marife here. I would like to do 3 passes with others which is first time trekking with anyone for me. I come to Nepal every year (in the last 5 years) to hike and enjoy Nepalese hospitality. Im 51 and fairly fit. I will be in Nepal around Sept to walk Manaslu/tsum but would like to start 3 passes end Oct. Ive done a bit of walking In NZ, Canada, Australia and of course Nepal…

    • Hi Marife, thank you for sending a note, it is appreciated. It would be wonderful to hike with someone who has been in Nepal before. I really am trying to start the 3 passes hike in early October / late September. New Zealand is on my Bucket List so meeting someone from there and learning a little about the country would be an added bonus. What do you think?

  11. Hi Kirk, I am local guide and have agency named after Skylark Treks and Expedition, based in kathmandu,Nepal, If you need any help please feel free to write or contact me via
    Thank you !

    • Hi Gam;
      Thank you for your note. I am still hopeful I’ll find someone (or a few) to hike with. However, presently I am also looking into guide companies and speaking with some of their past customers. Do you have prior customers that have taken this trek with you that you would share with me that I may be able to speak with?

      Wishing you the Very Best

  12. Hi Kirk…sounds fantastic. ..your time frame suits me to the T…keep in touch and maybe all interested in this group we can be on a group chat with WHATSAPP? mine is
    +64 27 5301870…just organising flight to Nepal …I will be flying back to Nepal end of july as my Thai visa expire around that time

    • Oops just checked my previous message RE: 3 passes
      Would like start 3 passes

  13. Oops…just checked previous message…planning to walk 3 passes
    End of September beginning of Oct

    • Hi my friend – just seeing this now as I am hiking one of the US Long Trails and internet is difficult. Sounds great to me!

  14. Hi Kirk
    I am an experienced Tasmanian trekker on and off track, first trip to Nepal
    free Sept 28 to Oct 22
    Interested in 3 passes, also Kanchenjunga, makalu base camp, manaslu circuit, etc
    Have ben in touch with Marife from this forum
    I am a buddhist, meditator, photographer
    Flexible, easy going
    All the best

    • Hi Charles, so good to hear from you and very glad you have been in contact with Marife as well. I am currently hiking a long trail in the US so reply will be slow however am interested in all of us joining up, sounds like a great / fun team.

    • Thats great Kirk enjoy your US trek, I head for the Tasmanian Tarkine area tomorrow for a recce for a supported walk through there next summer

  15. Hi Kirk
    I am an experienced Tasmanian trekker on and off track, first trip to Nepal
    free Sept 28 to Oct 22
    Interested in 3 passes, also Kanchenjunga, makalu base camp,
    manaslu circuit, etc
    Have ben in touch with Marife from this forum
    I am a buddhist, meditator, photographer
    Flexible, easy going
    All the best

  16. Hello Charles, Greetings from Nepal
    My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai (55), I am local Trekking guide, You can book Three pass (High Altitude) Trekking in Early Autumn (mid sep- Mid Nov,) and April-May is the best time to go over Three pass crossing over 5000m with Renjo, Tsola pass and Khongma la I am sure mr. merfi also interested to do same trekking in Autumn season Please concern him and the erst I can manage such as permit, Domestic air ticket,s Guide and Porters logistic in guest house with meals 3 time a day with Lunch ,Dinner, and Breakfast every day during trek periods for you !
    If you have any quistion, please fee free towrite me
    Thank you !

  17. Hi Kirk, have lost access to email addresses you have for me. My new contact email addresses are similar to old ones aside from inserting additional number “2” ( without quotes) immediately befor @ sign of email address. Look forward to meeting you soon!