Three Passes Trek


I’m looking for a partner in crime or 2 to do the 3 passes with me sometime around the middle of March. Preferably we can take our time and do some of the side trips but I’m flexible for anything. I am going to keep my eye on flights so I might be booking soon but I’d love to get a plan nailed down with someone before I do.

About me – 23, from CA, USA, voting for Trump…heh kidding. Laidback and love the mountains! I’m currently meandering in SEA so once I fly in I’m gonna have to spend a day or 2 getting proper gear.



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  1. Hey Tyler,

    Have you booked your trip yet?. I’m also doing the 3 passes, but booked ages ago. I fly to Lukla on the 15th March and back 2nd April. I’m a 43 year reasonably fit South African dude but I’ve lived in New Zealand for 14 years. This will be my 4th trip to Nepal. If you still looking for a partner in crime drop me a line.


    • Stirling,

      I have not booked a flight yet but will soon, just want to observe prices for a couple days. Sounds great though! I will update you once I have a confirmed date to get into KTM; shouldn’t be a problem for me to book the flight to Lukla the same days as you. 4th trip, awesome; 1st for me so it’ll be great you can teach me the ins/outs.


  2. Hey Tyler,

    I did the Manaslu circuit last year and just missed the earthquake by 10 days. What a great trip, just s bit too much snow for my liking.


  3. Hello Tyler.

    I have just abandonned my plan of summiting the Island peak and I am now looking on doing the three passes instead. my plan is to arrive in kathmandu on around the 15th of march and fly to lukla the day after but still no flight booked.

    I have been living in Nepal for four months the last year so I figured I dont need an extra day to see kathmandu. Are you interested in going together? If so tell me your plans and I will try to adjust mine so that they coincide.
    Elias (21) Swedish

    • Hey sorry for taking so long to get back to you, stirring and I are flying into lukla on the 15th, if this works for you let me know.

  4. I am flying into Kathmandu on the 12th, again just let me know if you want to tag along.

  5. I would gladly tag along with you. But I am not sure That I will be doing the entire three peaks tour. For diferent reasons I might just Follow you up lobuche and then continue to the Everest base camp alone. I dont know if you are l planning on going from namche bazaar to tengboche (counter-clockwise on a map) or the other way around. But that is the way I think i will be going anyway for it to be shorter.

    Sorry to be a bit messy with my planning. It would be very nice to be able to trek with you!

  6. Whats up Tyler. I am from CA too (SD/OC), but haven’t lived there for about ten years. I did the SEA trip when I was 23 as well. I am 36 now, but have not lost the travel bug. I have been living in Latin America working in International development lately. I’ll be in KTM the morning of March 16 and flying to Lukla the next day. It sounds like we might get along. Let me know.