Manaslu / Three Passes Trek

Hi, I’m flying into Kathmandu on 26 Nov, and planning to do either the Three Passes trek (18~20 days, +4 days if trekking in from Jiri to Lukla or out this way), OR Manaslu trek (20 days).

If flying in to Lukla, I’d probably fly on 28 Nov, after sorting out permits and renting stuff in Thamel.

I’ve trekked the Annapurna Circuit (18 days) two years ago in Dec and fell in love with the country and the people.

I’m of reasonable fitness, enjoys a moderate pace and stops to appreciate views, and do not walk like the wind.

I’m talking to the agency I used last time to hire a porter, and I would love to have a buddy (or a few) for company. Looking forward to hearing from you!




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  1. Hi Jade,

    What date are you starting the Three Passes. I will fly into Lukla on the 1st Dec.

    • Hi Stirling,

      I just booked my flight – will land in Kathmandu on the night of 26 Nov, suppose I’ll spend a day or two getting permits and some gears, so flying to Lukla on 28 or 29 Nov – this flight hasn’t been booked yet.

      When are you gonna be in Kathmandu, and have you confirmed your flight to Lukla yet? I don’t mind hanging around in Lukla or Namche Bazaar for a couple of days to wait (and acclimatize, heh), but I’ll have to talk to the agency I’m working with to see what they say.


  2. Hi Jade,

    I land in Kathmandu on the 29th and leave for Lukla on the 1st Dec. I think we may miss each other for a few days. Which way do you plan to do Three Passes from Namche? Clockwise or anti clockwise. I have done it before clockwise so plan to do it anti clockwise.

    Where you from originally? Or is Singapore home?


  3. typo – I meant to say “I think we may miss each other by a few days”

  4. Hi Jade, I will in KTM on same day 26th of November and back on 20th of Dec. Basically planning scenic Manaslu trek as less commercial and not overcrowded like Khumbu or Annapurna ,but is expensive to go there solo and restricted as has to be group . Anyway if I would not manage that and go with ghost trekker permit and will be over my budget then I could head to Chunkung Ri or Barun Valley . Another alternative is if you join me for more unique trails of Manaslu you will not disappointed. regards Tom

    • Hi Tom, I got your other message today but for some reason it’s not showing up on the other post, so I’ll reply here.

      You wrote “I`m open do make 3 passes trek above only EBC as it is most scenic trek in this part of the world” and I’m not sure exactly what you meant. Are you saying you’ll only do the part of the trek above EBC? But doesn’t the trek go up and down in altitude?

      As I’m arriving late night on 26 Nov, and definitely need to rent gears the next day (rather than carrying stuff over from home), the earliest I can fly to Lukla is 28 Nov morning. I’ve contacted the agency that I used for the last trek and they’ve agreed to arrange my permit and porter etc.

      The route they proposed is anticlockwise, and I’ve been reading the debate online – seems there’s pros and cons to both directions. What was your experience like?

      As for flight between KTM and Lukla, I’ll buy it myself on Yeti (not yet), unless there’s a much better deal by agent.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Tom,

      The website is clearly experiencing some comment backlog problem, I got the new comment notification thru email and it’s not showing up here still. Anyways, I’ll still reply here so that anyone else interested can join in the conversation.

      I take it that you meant you wanted to get to EBC but not thru the most traveled route – and that IS the three passes trek as far as my reading tells me, as this trek goes over 3 passes and pass by EBC. This is the anticlockwise route that my agency sent me (yes, passing over Renjo La first) –

      I would not take any risk of AMS as well, having seen helicopter evac in Annapurna, and fit-looking people coming down from higher places ashen faced because they rushed it. I had headache the night before Thorung La but was thankfully fine otherwise.

      I’m not all that fit or fast, nor do I have an urge to do an 18 day trek in 12 days, so either way is fine with me. I’ll read more on the clockwise vs. anticlockwise debate to see the arguments again.

    • I made a mistake: the route they sent me above is clockwise, passing Renjo La first. The more recommended route seems to be anticlockwise, passing Khumbu valley first:

      And here’s some arguments for clockwise:

      I forgot to reply your question on sharing porter – I had a pretty bad experience last time trying to share one. My buddy was carrying a mountain, so on day 1, the poor porter was overladen with buddy’s stuff plus less than half of my stuff, and both he and I were knackered by the end of the day. Had to hire a villager on the spot as a second porter to complete AC, without insurance. The agency says “no sharing” this time, I think they’re just afraid of this again, ha.. As much as I like to be frugal, I think earning 18 USD a day for such hard work is well deserved for porters. 🙂

  5. Hi Tom,

    Again in reply to the still invisible comment :’)

    1. Regarding clockwise vs. anticlockwise, I think we are on the same page, but the direction is confusing us! We both agree that going from Kongma La to Cho La and lastly Renjo La is the way. This is actually the anticlockwise route (east to west).

    2. AWESOME PHOTOS. I’m amazed. And looking forward to the trek even more (if that’s possible). 😀

    3. Re your comment “sherpa man can carry up to 110kg , women 60 kg , children over 14 y/o 40 kg. This is very common in Solu Khumbu and nothing to compare with other regions in Nepal.” While I have seen the impossible and enormous loads that sherpas carry, I don’t think I can humanly ask anyone to carry 110kg of stuff everyday for 3 weeks. I’ve talked to the agency again today and they said as long as the weight does not exceed 20kg, they do not mind if we share a porter. I think it’s good enough for my stuff + your sleeping bag and drones, right? I’d probably give my big backpack to the porter to carry, and carry a daypack myself. Let’s see if it’s possible to stuff/strap your things into my backpack in KTM.

    By the way, have you done the trek from Lukla to Jiri? I read it’s beautiful in its own right. I’ve a bit more time on my hands, so I’m pondering if at the end of the trek I can skip the flight from Lukla back, and trek to Jiri then take a jeep back to KTM instead. Would appreciate your opinion!