Three Passes Trek

Hi, all
I am planning to start the three passes trek from 20 November to 9 December. I am traveling to Nepal solo. I would love to have some company. I am Chinese, live in Toronto . I am an outgoing person, have been to the Everest Base Camp in Tibet and have done a lot of treks in Tibet. Most of these areas are taller than 4500 meters above sea level.
My idea is to complete the three passes and, if possible, also to trek to the Ama Dablam base camp or the Island Peak base camp in 20 days. I haven’t decided whether to hire a porter yet. It depends on how heavy my backpack will turn out to be. If it is light, I might carry my own bag and walk slowly. Othetwise, I might hire a porter on the way and go a bit faster. If I feel tired, I might stop for rest. I am very flexible. Everyone is welcome to join me for a bit or for the whole trek.



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  1. Hi Sienna, Im flying to Kathmandu on 17th of november, planning to start the hike around 20th. Because of the high passes and of course for the case of emergency I wouldn’t like to hike alone. My planning is flexible and I will be staying in Nepal for almost two months. I have lot of hiking experience from Alps, and other mountain ranges in Europe. I might be a bit quiet at the beginning before I get to know the person.

    • Hi Ladislav,
      I am flying to Kathmandu on19 November.
      So far, a fellow, Tomas, from the Czech Republic, and I have decided to fly to Lukal on 21 November and start the trek together. 10 December will be my last day in Kathmandu. Because of time restraints, I have to finish the trek on 8 December, and back to Kathmandu 9th. Is this ok for you? I will be very glad if you join my trek. Hope to see you in Kathmandu.


  2. Hi Sienna,

    I am a pretty relaxed guy from germany and planning to do the three passes as a follow up to everest base camp and hopefully climbing island peak. I will probably be way ahead of you as I am in namche already. Still would be nice to catch up to you at some point (at least for Cho La) and i wouldn’t mind waiting for you in some place. I probably will be in chukkung around the 29th/30th of November but quite flexible from there on
    Hope to hear from you.