Three Passes Trek

Hi all –

I’m planning to trek the three passes circuit Nov 5th or 6th, returning sometime before the 27th. Ideally I’d find one or two other people to join, both for mutual safety and enjoyment. I’d also like to do a quick side trip to Gokyo Ri, or whatever you might have in mind.

I’m a mid-20’s student from Canada, and hike often on the west coast. More of an introvert, I like to keep an intermediate pace and I try to take decent pictures. I default to more “planner” than “seat-of-pants”, hence posting this in advance.

Get in touch if this sounds like a match with your plans.



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  1. Hey Will,

    that sounds good. I´m from Germany, living in Switzerland. I haven´t booked flights yet but plan to arrive in Kathmandu on Nov 4th and fly out on Dec 1st.
    What are your exact plans?


    • Replied via email!

  2. Hi Will,

    that sounds like what I am looking for! I’ll be in Nepal from next week on but quite flexbile on the dates. I’m a mid 20s med student from Germany, treking a lot in the alps. Do you already have more detailed plans?


  3. Hey will, the dates work out well. I am currently in pokhara and will be in Kat in a couple of days (26th- 28th oct) to sort out permits, gear etc. Wanna try and meet in the city if you are around? I was planning to fly to lukla by end of month but am open to walking it from shivalaya as well. Ping if you get & lets see if we can meet and chat up plans. Cheers!