Three Passes Trek


I’m heading to Nepal in late October (dates flexible) and plan on trekking the Three Passes / EBC. It would be great to find like-minded people to share the experience with.

I plan on flying in and out of Lukla and trekking independently without a guide. I’m not pressed for time so would like to keep a relaxed pace, have rest days if necessary, and include some side trips. I have some experience in high altitude trekking but this will be my longest trip so far. I’m not super fit but have enough experience to be confident(-ish) in my ability to complete the trek.

I’m from Finland but have been traveling for 1.5 years. I can sometimes be a stereotypical Finn – quiet and introverted – but also have a friendly, talkative side and enjoy getting to know new people, sharing travel stories, and learning about other cultures.



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  1. Hi Johanna,

    Are your dates confirmed as of now?

  2. Hey Johanna,
    I’m planning on doing the Three Passes trek solo in October as well. I don’t have much experience in high altitude trekking but I’m fit and hiking a lot recently.
    I’m happy to take it easier and to do side trip.
    Also I’d like to do the trek from Jiri till Lukla before starting the Three Passes.
    Let me know if you want to talk more 🙂

    • Hi Jenny,
      We are planning to start in Jiri as well and do the same trek, or perhaps EBC to Gokyo instead of the full three passes, and then fly out of Lukla. We hope to leave 15 Oct. Let me know if you are interested in discussing details! -Amira

  3. Hi Johanna,
    The Three Pass trek is very interesting idea. I am going to be in Nepal from October 7th (couple of months, as I’m taking career break). I would be interested in joining for this trek. Independent trek would be great idea.

    I am Indian, live in Italy. I recently finished my phd and opted to go into mountains. I have never trekked in Nepal before, but I have trekked a bit around in Europe and in arctic.


  4. hi Johanna,

    I’m landing in KTM 15th oct, going to spend some 2-3 days in there and then wanted to start the trek from Jiri to EBC and continue with the 3 passes. After the trek I’m planning to take some rest in Pokhara and then I’ll be volunteering in Nepal for next 2 months.
    Seems we are on the same level when it comes to the experience and also the attitude.

    Perhaps we could meet up in Lukla (should be perfect timing) 🙂

    • Hi Sylwia,

      Not sure if you’ve already found a partner for this trek, but it looks like my dates line up well with yours. I’m actually doing the same thing, I’ll be volunteering for a month after I finish this trek. I have a fair amount of hiking experience, but I am a somewhat slow and steady type. Let me know if you’d be interested in hiking together.


  5. Hi Joshua, I messaged Sylwia but haven’t heard back from her. When are you planning on heading out?

  6. Hi Johanna

    I plan to do 3 passes trek (19 days) from 23 Oct. I have been trekking for the past 4 years and am fairly fit for this one. I have couple of questions – do I necessarily need a guide and how early do I need to book Kathmandu to Lukla flight, i.e. can it be booked a day in advance. If the answers to both the questions is No and you plan to delay your start by couple of days then we can trek together.