Three Passes Trek

UPDATE 18th Sept: It looks like we have a little gang forming! 🙂

A few of us will meet for a beer on 23rd September at Alobar1000 Hostel (Thamel), say 6pm. Feel free to come along and say hi. DM me if you’d like my contact details.

A few are starting the Jiri walk-in today, and a few more of us are starting from Lukla on 25th. We’ll try to converge as much as possible in Lukla, or Phakding, or Namche between 25th and 27th.

It will be good to see some friendly familiar faces on the trail, so come along on the 23rd if you can!



Hey everyone. I’m keen on doing the Three Passes Trek starting in Lukla around 24th – 26th September. I’ll be in Kathmandu from 22nd if you want to grab a beer with me.

I’m hoping to find a few laid back people to walk with so if a yak hurls me off a mountain one day, someone might at least say “hey, where’s Joe?”. I’ve done this before on Trekking Partners and met some lovely people. So, is anyone interested in creating a little informal gang to do this trek? No group leaders, no followers, just some friendly faces so we can look out for eachother a little bit on the trail. 👍



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  1. Hey Joe,
    Just sent you a message but I’m pretty much in the same boat.
    Doing a solo trip, will arrive on the 22nd and heading to Lukla on the 25th to start the trek. Be good to have someone to do it with. Give us a message with your thoughts!

    • Hi Andrew

      Sounds good mate! I get into Kathmandu on the evening of 22nd. I’ll have some things to do during the day on the 23rd, but how about we meet up for a beer in Thamel that evening? I’ll send you my email

  2. Hi joe,
    I would like to do this trek as well ! And this is exactly the same date of departure I am looking for.

    And if I have to walk during 24th days it could be a really good adventure to do it with other people !

    I am really positive and physically resistant, I just need more experience in trekking :). Thats Why to be in a group is the certitude to survive xd.

    So, can i join you guys ? 😉

  3. Hi Yannick

    Of course! The more the merrier. 🙂 Will you be in Kathmandu on 23rd September? If so, want to catch up for a beer in Thamel?

    • I will try yes ! Can i have your whatsapp or facebook or number to contact you when i arrive at kathmandu ?

      I would like to know if you have any advice concerning gear for this trek ?

  4. Hi Yannick,

    Sure, I’ll send you my contact details.

  5. I am also planning on doing this trek. I don’t get into Kathmandu til the 24th and wont leave for Lukla til the 26th, perhaps we can meet up in Namche if i am not too far behind?

    • Hey Collin

      Sure. Andrew and I have flights on the morning of the 25th. Not sure about Yannick yet.

      2 nights in Namche is normal, so we might be able to meet you there.

      I’ll send you my email address.


  6. Hey fellas! i’ll be hiking in from Jiri starting on the 18th-19th.. should be in lukla around the 24th-26th like Joe. Would be keen to hike/meet/grab a beer with any and all of yas! cheers

    • Hi Abby

      That’s great! Andrew and I are flying into Lukla on the morning of the 25th to start our walk. Not sura about the others’ exact plans. If we don’t meet you there, then in Namche. I’ll message you with my email/whatsapp stuff.


  7. Hi folks,

    I’m going to be walking in from Jiri starting 19th. So I guess I’ll be in Lukla around a similar time to you guys.
    I know this groups already quite big but if there is space for one more then it would be great to join you guys in lukla/namche?


    • Hi Tom

      The more the merrier! I’ll send you my contact details. It looks like Andrew, Yannick and I will all be starting in Lukla on the 25th and hopefully we can meet with you, Abby and Collin either there, or maybe Namche.

      Not long now! Safe travels.


  8. Hey guys! I get into Kathmandu the morning of the 23rd but also looking to join this trek starting around the 25th.
    Let me know if there’s still room to join!


    • Hi Matt

      Of course. Some of us are flying to Lukla to start on the 25th, and hopefully we coincide with the others walking in from Jiri – starting today I think, good luck guys!!

      If you are in Kathmandu on the 23rd, come to Alobar1000 Hostel that evening for a beer. We’ll all meet up.

      I’ll message you my contact details.


  9. Anyone interested in something a little more adventurous should consider sherapani col trek linking the three passes trek with Makalu base camp trek by way of a couple 6000 m passes. I’m currently in Kathmandu with my gf arranging the specifics. Check out my post for more details

    • Hey guys, just arrived in Ktm yesterday, heading to Lukla the 25th of september, I would love to join the little gang !!
      My flight leaves at 8:30 from ktm to Lukla, let me know if it s fine for you 🙂
      We can even meet up tomorrow in ktm for those who are still here.

  10. Hi Enzo

    Sounds perfect, welcome to the gang! I am also flying at 8.30am on Monday, so we may be on the same plane.

    I’ll send you my contact details.