Three Passes Trek

Hey everyone,

We’re a last minute add in to the itinerary, responded to some posts but trip organizers just didn’t respond. We’re arriving in Kathmandu on the 31st, flying out to Lukla on the 3rd of April. We’re going fairly ultra-light, one 60L and one 20L. We’ll have some important basics like solar charger, gps, maps, first aid kit, water purifier and tablets as well as some Diamox and Dexamethasone for the altitude.

There’s no real itinerary other than the route itself and a desire to explore, our extensive travels have taught us not to have a concrete one, only a general direction. If the weather looks better counterclockwise, we’ll go that way. Generally, we’d just like to go from town to town to spend the second half of the day exploring the area (if we’re not exhausted). We don’t have to fly out until the 26th of April, so we have time.

As for our trekking experience, I don’t know how to grade it. My wife and I have been traveling for the past year, spent a fair bit of time climbing around Iceland, some multi-days in Hawaii, and a few other places. We’ve never attempted something of this scale, but after all the research, the simple teahouse route looks quite surmountable 😛 Also, I work as a paramedic back in the states, so I bring a flavor of medical expertise to the adventure.

If you’re interested in joining, shoot us a message because we’re definitely going!



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  1. Just saw this. Which flight are you on? I am on the 6:15 AM flight from Yeti Air. It’d be cool to meet up. I anticipate is probably be on a 16-17 day pace for the trek, but I have as many as 18 days.