Three Passes Trek

Hi, I wanna do the Three passes trek and I’m searching for friends since I don’t have any experience of high altitude treks and I can’t afford a guide. I think it would really be better not to be alone especially for the passes.

Overall I am really flexible about the itinerary as I am still reading about different possibilities. I’m open to take my time, or for some challenges. One thing is I really want to take the days needed for a good acclimatization, to feel good and enjoy the trek in great shape.

I’ll post a more precise itinerary later in reply to show an Idea, but it seems to me there is only small variations in all the trip reports I am reading. But I think the best is to share what we want and do a mix 🙂 Also I’ve read a lot that it is better to be able to decide what we do on a daily basis, if for exemple we want to rest more or explore more a certain area. The idea is maybe like this trip but longer in time.

I am also flexible on the dates if it is just some days different from mine. I arrive in april 27th in new delhi and I will come to Katmandu in train and bus, and then take a flight to lukla, so I just put 05-02 to be safe. I don’t wanna wait too much since I’ve read the weather is rainy at the end of may. For the length I have all the time I want.

I really think it would be fun to share this and it would also reassure me a bit so shout your plans and I’m sure we’ll work it out!



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