Three Passes Trek

Hello I will be in Lukla the 5th of May and I am heading to trek through the Gokyo trek-Cho La Pass and come back via the EBC trek, Kongma La pass and trek from Lukla to Shivalaya on the way back to avoid to pay a flight back.
I want also to do the most interesting side trip (Gokyo Ri, sacred lakes in Gokyo, EBC and Kala Patar) and also to join an agency to climb the Island peak (if you don’t want to do it we can split here as the rest of the trek is more easy and meet us for a beer in katmandhu later!!)
I am looking for partners to share fun, playing card during resting time and because it’s always safer to do it in group.
I want to take my time and don’t want to skip the acclimatisation steps, I have experience in low and medium altitude and a little bit in high and i will have trek in Annapurna area before to arrive in lukla.
If you are intererested about this trip or part of this trip let me know, I am pretty flexible about the dates and the program.



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  1. Hi Morgan 🙂

    I am Interested to trek also the 3 Passes and the 12 of April Sounds awesome for me

    If you still wanna Do it lets Talk about it ✌️

    Greets Sven

  2. Hi guys! I’d love to do this trek as well. However, I’ll do the Annapurna Circuit before and therefore I’d be available probably from the 16th of April . Would that be okay for you guys?

  3. Hi, it seems pretty interesting to me, I am also flexible and our itinerary is really close to mine, except from the fact that you would flight out from lukla but go down to Shyvalaya. I didn’t tought of doing that but it seems good!

    I won’t climb the island peak but as you said, I’m interested in aving parteners for safety in the harder parts, the passes especially. I look forward to hear from you as I think it could be a good fit!

    Je suis français aussi en passant!

  4. We are doing a very similar trek but starting on the May 1rst.
    Might see you around or you can join if you start a bit earlier!

  5. Hi Morgan, this lines up with my plans too. I arrive in Kathmandu April 28th and I am very flexible in terms of time, acclimatisation etc.