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I am Ritesh, friends call me ryto. I am an Architect based in India and I am embarking on a pilgrimage in Nepal in order to one day become a hermit. Haha… jokes apart.. I do a bit of travelling between jobs to detox my head. I am not really cut out to be a city slicker 365 days a year and the trail serves as a good escape from the humdrum of the city.

I will be going on the Annapurna Circuit and will probably be visiting Tilicho Lake along the way in March. Thereafter, since I will be properly acclimatized, I am planning to do the Three Passes trek. The plan is to start the trek from Jiri on 25th March rather than flying in to Lukla. I am easy going, click amazing panoramic shots (and portraits too if you need a new profile picture) and ought to be able to communicate with the locals in Hindi, a language which most people in Nepal are conversant with.

My plans are flexible but I doubt whether I will be able to start before 25th March.. later dates should not be a problem. I have a bit of trekking experience in the Himalayas, having completed several treks in Uttaranchal and Himachal in India.

FB Profile : if you generally want to look me up to make sure I am real. Drop me a line if you are looking to do the trek around the same dates. Cheers!



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  1. Hey man!

    My name is Gabriel, Im from Brazil and I am also planning to do either the EBC or the 3 passes in the end of march. Unfortunately I can not start before the 27th/28th. But from there on I have one month (my flight back to Brazil is from Kathmandu on the 27th of april.

    I am not an experienced trekker, and have done only short treks some while ago in Brazil. But I am fit and traveling since long I am used to walk many KMs a day. My pace is probably moderate as well.

    Now some beginners questions. I am planning to walk in from Jiri and also walk out, because my budget does not aloud me to fly out from Lukla. Do you think that even so it is possible to do it, lets say, under 25 days?..(without skipping acclimatization days).

    And also, the information I got is that the actual cost per day is about 10 dollars. So I am planning on spending maximum 300 dollars. (No snickers or beers for me haha) You think that is manageable?

    Sorry about hitting you back with some questions haha but tell me what you think.


    • Hey!

      I will be doing the trek later in the year. I just got back to India after finishing the Annapurna Circuit.

      25 days should be manageable but i would take another 5 days buffer to account for unforeseen events like the weather… We ran into a bit of it on the Annapurna Circuit.

      I spent between 1000-1500 NPR ($10-15) only on food while trekking. Accommodation was free because it was off season. I think your budget should be $500 for a 25 day trek to cover any additional expenses you might incur. Usually there are no ATMs along the way so ought to carry extra cash in case you need it.

      Good luck with your trek!

  2. Hi RItesh i know it’s very late but I would really be interested in joining your trek if u haven’t already started yet. Letme know thanks!

    • Hi Manjinder!

      I am planning to do the trek later this year.. I just got back to India after finishing the Annapurna Circuit. Good luck with your trek.. You should be able to find partners easily once you are on the trail… That’s how it worked for me on the Annapurna Circuit.