Three Passes Trek

Hi there, we’re a Kiwi-American couple in Nepal from March 26th to April 28th. We’re planning to start the Three Passes Trek from Lukla on March 30th, conditions permitting and allowing for 20-22 days.
Josh is a seasoned trekker. I’m less experienced, but have been gradually adding a few notches to my belt in New Zealand and Asia over the past few years.
As for the route, we’re pretty much looking to stick to the one recommended by Lonely Planet.
We’re currently wrapping up nearly 3 years of living in Southeast Asia, stopping through Nepal on the way to the next chapter, so looking forward to swapping travel stories!



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  1. Hey, I am also planning to trek the three passes trek. I am on my own, could I join you guys? Are you planning in doing independent or with a guide?
    Hope I hear from you!

  2. Hi you guys,
    Just about to leave New Zealand for Nepal. Would like to do the three passes trek as well.
    Would be nice to have some company as I’m currently traveling by myself