Three Passes Trek

Hello, I finally booked my flight to Kathmandu, landing on March 6th and departing April 14th. I am hoping to do a 20 day Three Passes Trek and an Annapurna Circuit with the remaining days. This will likely make an average pace but not to many side trips for one or both of them. I am probably doing the Three Passes first because if I end up really taking my time and only really doing one, that one is more important to me.

I am an experienced trekker but this will be my first time in Nepal. I will not use a porter, even though I wish to contribute to the locals and the economy, I still believe in carrying my own things. I have considered a guide, especially if I can not find someone to go with. I also do not know how rates change if multiple people use the same guide.

I am looking for one or a few people to enjoy the trek and scenery with. I am largely open to different styles. I can do mid range or shoestring budget.



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  1. Hi brandon. Im shai im 22 years old my plan is to hike the three passes as well but starting from jiri. Im also looking for a travel partner. As you said it is mor importent to me really dedicating the time to the everest region there for im planning to start from jiri. I plan to go without a guide nor a porter. I land in nepal on the night of the 4th of march

    • Hi Shai, glad you will be out there. Although I would love to start from Jiri, I am not sure if I will have the time. I would if I dropped the hope of doing another trek which my flight times should cover. I wish the best to you and would definitely hike with you if I see you out there (if you start earlier or take less side hikes).

    • Hi. If you will be in Lukla on the 7-8th I would really like to hear from you! A

  2. Ill be in touch with you if i dicide to start from lukla

  3. Hey guys, will be leaving from lukla on march 7. Would be interested in some company and/or splitting on a guide. Will be carrying my own gear. Not sure how snow covered the passes are, and hence how obvious the path will be (especially cho la and the ngozumpa glacier). Regardless, hope everyone has a great trek, will def say hello