Three Passes Trek

I’m from Vienna (Austria) and consider myself as an experienced mountaineer. Is going to be my second time in Nepal, I worked in Kathmandu and Pokhara in 2011 for two month and did the Annapurna circuit afterwards. (It was a truly beautiful hike.)

My plan is to start the 3 passes trek on 07.03.2017. I’m not going to hire a porter. (They are fascinating and awesome people but I think it’s a different experience when you do a trek out of your own strength) I will climb up to 500-700m a day and take it slow until after the first pass, then I’m going to maximize (depends on much time I’ll have left) my pace. On 23/24.03.2017 ill catch a plane to Kathmandu.

It would be fun and save to cross (only) the passes with a fellow hiker! You? 😉 I’m also a M.D. so feel free to contact me if we should meet during the trek and any of your group needs medical attention, I might be able to help or have a slightly bigger first aid kid then the average hiker.
See you soon in Nepal,



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  1. hi Dominik! i am also willing to go by myself with no Guide nor porter please check my inquiry!

    • hey! just read your message! =) it would be fun to join up for a part of the trek!! LG

  2. Hi. I am planning to leave on the 7th too and am in Kathmandu at the moment.
    Please check out my profile and message me if you want to meet.