Gokyo-Cho-la-Pass trek incl. EBC

My plan is to take the bus to Jiri from KTM and go hike the Gokyo Cho La Pass from there.

No definite plan yet and suggestions are welcome. Who’s in?



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  1. Hi Bart,
    I’m not sure how flexible your schedule is but I am planning on arriving in KTM late next week spending about 2-3 days in KTM then maybe flying to Lukla for the EBC/Gokyo Lake/Three passes trek. They all interest me so not sure which one I’m going to do just yet. If you’re interested it would be great to have some company on the trek and somebody to watch each others back.
    Let me know if you’re committed to the Feb. 4 date or if perhaps you can do something slightly earlier. You can reach me here or on WhatsApp +17184405805.

    • Looking for company on the Kathmandu valley rim trek … I know it’s short but should hopefully be fun

  2. Hi Barth and Kaj,

    I have similiar plans like you!

    -Arrive in KTM 30. January
    -Trek from Shivalaya (or Jiri) to Lukla 1.-6. February
    -Then Three Passes Trek (start in Lukla about 7. February)
    If conditions permit as it is early in the season!
    I am thinking of maybe going clockwise. This way we would have Renjo La as lowest pass first.
    -I have to be beack in KTM latest 11. March.

    What do you think?


  3. Hi Maik,
    I was interested in the 3 passes trek also but was advised that some of the passes may be unpassable this time of year. Instead I am doing 18 day trek gokyo-cho la pass-EBC. I found a highly rated guide and Porter for a good price 1200usd. Includes all amenities. I whatsapped you the link to his website. Let me know if you’re interested

  4. Hi! We have a group of 4 people (2 guys and 2 girls) for the Gokyo Lakes trek starting around the same date (bus from KTM to Jiri 3/4feb). We were not thinking of doing all three passes but we could discuss if you want to meet in KTM! 🙂 my Nepali number: ‭‭+977 9802088464‬‬ if you are interested in joining.

  5. I am not sure if I replied correctly and you get the notification that I did so just in case, see above as we might join and here’s my number: ‭‭+977 9802088464‬‬

  6. Hey there. I’m in KTM now. Can you contact me using whatsapp? +17184405805.