Three Passes Trek

I’m currently teaching English in South Korea and will finish my contract at the end of February. I’m interested in doing the Three Passes Trek and am looking for someone to join me. I’m very flexible with dates as long as its after the end of February but would prefer it to be sometime in March. I’m thinking of hiring a guide to get the most of the experience and would love to be able to split the costs of that with someone.

I don’t have experience doing a trek like this but am in pretty good shape and am ready for a challenge if I need to be. I’m very flexible with the itinerary of the trip and the duration.

If this sounds like something you would like to do with me, please reply! 🙂



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  3. Hey Jen,

    Im also looking to do a long trek in nepal of around 3 weeks. Myself i was looking at the annapurna circuit trek or this one. dont have any preference. Though I would prefer to do it without a guide, more adventure :). From what I have heard its pretty easy to find your way around there. Do you happen to know how much a guide will cost? About the date.. havent set a date yet either just that i wanna do the trek around the beginning of march.

    Cant see the date around when you posted the message but have you made more concrete plans already? or still looking about.


  4. hey Jen i am loin to be in KTM on march 31, i would have from april 2 to the 23 for ebc base camp plus three high passes! Guided trip i that région is very important due to the many days in high altitude, would love to slip the cost with you!

  5. In early March I’m heading back for my 3rd trip to EBC and hopefully the 3 passes starting at KTM flying to Lukla return.

    I’ve made 4 Nepali treks in the last 3 years (Annapurna twice) almost always as a party of 2 – had a bad tour experience.

    Happy to trek by myself but would prefer a like minded buddy. (I’m culturally and environmentally sensitive and my pace is slowish because there is little point rushing past the amazing natural beauty and cultural experiences.

    Each person pays for their own airfare and personal daily expences – food –

    I plan to do EBC and Annapurna back to back to make the most of the snow while it lasts.

  6. Hi there! Namaste!

    your permit and the guide (if need be) solution is just few texts away.
    I offer to assist.


  7. Hi Jen, I’m also looking to trek to EBC in March – I arrive in Kathmandu on 04 March so I can start as early as 05th ideally. I didn’t consider the Three Passes Trek until now as I thought it’s quite challenging but happy to reconsider if I find like-minded travel buddies 🙂 Let me know if the dates could work with you? Cheers!

    • Hi also looking for travel partners for ebc landing on the 4 of march. Contact me for info

    • Hi. I am from England and looking for partner buddies for EBC and the 3 passes. I would like to leave on the 6th or 7th…please message me. I want to do an independent trek carrying my own gear but have friends around for safety and fun. A

  8. Hei! Im from Finland and im very interested of doing some trekking in Nepal, but dont want to do it alone. I havent decided or planned anything yet and i would like to start in march as well! Im easy to get along with and like and adventures 🙂 would be great to find someone to do the trekk with

    All the best,

    • Hi

      What are the dates you will be staying in Nepal

    • hi I will be there march 31 in ktm maybe it’s late for you?

    • Hi also looking for travel partners for ebc landing on the 4 of march. Contact me for info

  9. Hi Jen. I am going to arrive in Nepal around the same time. I had been looking into doing the Annanpurna but I realize, now that I look into things, that Three Passes is more for me or that I need to stay longer to do both. I am an experienced trekker but have not been to Nepal before. I could go either way on a guide but am hoping to find someone to go with. I am very open minded, just want to see some beauty and experience the country.

    Let me know what you are thinking.

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  11. Hey Jenn, I plan to start the trek on march 7th from lukla. Undecided between getting a guide or just trying to meetup with other trekkers. Regardless, I won’t be doing the passes alone. I would be interested on splitting the costs of a guide, have you found anyone yet?