Three Passes Trek

Hey everyone! I’m Ciara, I’m 29 and from Ireland. Will be arriving in Kathmandu on November 2nd and hoping to begin the Three Passes trek around the 6th or 7th. Although I’m fairly flexible with that 🙂

Ideally, I’d like to do the trip as independently as possible. Toying with the idea of maybe hiring a porter-guide….but haven’t properly decided yet. I’m a bit of a shoestring budgeter too I’m afraid.

I’m in decent enough shape and have some experience trekking at altitude. 19,300ft is the highest I’ve made it so far! No interest in running a marathon over the passes….just want to take my time, enjoy the scenery and snap a LOT of pictures.

Anyway, if there’s anybody who has similar plans, give me a shout. Even if it’s just to check in for safety at the end of the day. The more the merrier 🙂



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  1. Hi Ciara

    I am also doing the three passes trek this november, but will do it from jiri. I will arrive on the 1st of November, planning on walking from Jiri to Phakding in six to seven days. Maybe we can plan to meet up somewhere between Phakding and Namche and continue to track together.


  2. Hi Ciara/ Eman,

    I’m Clare, I’m from Scotland, and also love the outdoors, especially multi day expeditions. I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday and am planning on doing the Manaslu trek in the next week or so.

    I’m in Nepal until 22rd December, so I was hoping after Manaslu to do the three passes trek. I like the sound of both our plans. I too was hoping to do it without guide, and with some other fun hikers to enjoy it with! I will likely be back from Manaslu into Kathmandu around the end of October, so would be keen to set off for three passes sometime in the first week of November. I was also just wanting to take my time on it, and not rush, especially to avoid altitude sickness, and if carrying own bag, so was thinking around 20+ days.

    I’ve was in two minds about flying to lukla, but swaying towards other ways of getting there, either walking in from jiri, or perhaps jeep part of way and then trek in.

    Think it may be a challenge trek, but I’m up for the challenge of I had some good trekking companions.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Clare 🙂

    • Hi clare,

      you are currently doing the menaslu trek? Impressive! Would be really nice if you could join the three passes. I am planning on walking from jiri, as of now, alone, would be nice if you could join! In namche i am planning on meeting another fellow trekker and do the three passes together. If you are intrested, kindly add me on FB? Eman Sobri. Or if you would prefer other ways to communicate, please do tell me.


  3. Hi Ciara,
    My plans have changed and I’m back on the trail. Arriving in Kathmandu On Nov 5 and can head out shortly after that once i get all the permits etc. Are you still looking for trekking partners? My plan is to walk in from Jiri and take my time and enjoy the scenery. Get back to me when you get a sec and let me know if you’re still interested in joining forces.