Three Passes Trek

I am arriving to Kathmandu on 22nd September and will fly to Lukla on 24th September to start the trek of the treks! If everything goes well we would finish in 18 days and could fly back to Kathmandu on 12th October. +/- one day is fine as it is also weather dependent.

I did the Annapurna Circuit in April and it was fantastic and absolute fun!! Hoping to meet like-minded trekkers this time too :). Let me know if you plan to do Three Passes starting on 24th September and we will get in touch in Kathmandu or before!:)




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  1. Hi Klaudia! I’m very interested in hiking the Three Passes Trek in that time frame. I’ll send you a DM with more info about me. In KTM now and would love to meet up to see whether our plans are compatible.